Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST format with all data

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST format with all data
Email communications are the most important part of the system, whether it is being used for a business organization or self. It is a strong fact that with the improvement in technology, the level of user demand is also increasing. The demand for better and powerful email client has also increased.

Overview of Mozilla Thunderbird

In powerful email clients, we can not forget the Thunderbird which is being powerful and famous email client. Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open source email client application. Which includes many advanced features. But still there is lack of facilities in comparison to Outlook. Forced users to migrate from Thunderbird email clients to the more appropriate email client. Better features such as contact manager, reminder, stick pad, which is quite a good feature for business users.When Thunderbird is being migrated to another email client, most users prefer to transfer their data to MS Outlook. Because it also offers a friendly interface with advanced features which makes it easy to use.

Why choose MS Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used email application around the world. One of the biggest advantages of using Outlook is to support Windows and Android mobile. Maybe that's why the users are more inclined towards this. Now it comes to migrating Thunderbird to Outlook. Switching Thunderbird to Outlook is not easy if not selected the right utility. A single interface application can quickly convert the Thunderbird to Outlook platform.

How to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook?

SysBud Thunderbird to Outlook Converter is the most demanded application by users to convert Thunderbird in PST. This mail converter is approved and recommended by professionals. You can use this tool with any large size of Thunderbird mailbox. Any user can export Thunderbird to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 and other older versions using the Thunderbird Conversion Application. In addition, the application is able to keep the folder email hierarchy, attachments, meta data etc.
Using this applicaton, user can create a single or separtae PST file for all Mailbox and then easily import into Outlook. It eliminated the complete migration process in three simple steps - Load, Convert and Export.

Steps to convert Thunderbird mailbox to Outlook

  • Download & intall the application in local machine of the user.
  • Run the application and click on auto load button

  • When data is automatically loaded then select the folder and decide the export location from Browse

  • After browsing the desitnation, choose the conversion option to create individual or different PST file for all Thunderbird mailbox

  • Now hit exprot button and wait till the conversion end.

Users can also use Thunderbird's demo version for Outlook Converter and export 20 emails before each folder. After that, the user can also upgrade the app's demo version to full version.


Final verdict:

If you are planning to move thunderbird data into Outlook then it is the best application for you. User can easily operate the utility and perform the Thunderbird to Outlook conversion. If you have any query then leave the comment in the box.

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harshdixit 4 days ago

If you want to switch mailbox data from Thunderbird e-mail client to Outlook. Then you need a third-party tool that can help you to export the Thunderbird MBOX data file to Outlook PST. Try MailsSoftware Thunderbird to Outlook Converter that can be helpful for this conversion. It exports multiple MBOX files. To know more about the software visit:

pankajtyagi67221 5 days ago

Here I recommend you the best Thunderbird to Outlook converter named A2Z Migrations for Thunderbird to Outlook. By this software, the user can migrate the single or multiple TB or MBOX files data to PST or MSG, EML, HTML, RTF, and MHTML with all emails or attachments. It will manage the same folder structure after converting the Thunderbird data to Outlook. For getting more information regarding the tool, visit:

pavandixit50905 5 months ago

You did a nice work Mohit. Here I know one more Thunderbird to Outlook Converter tool which exports all the Thunderbird MBOX files in Outlook PST format with complete email mailboxes and maintains their folder hierarchy. It is compatible with Windows OS and supported by Outlook. Read more about the tool from here: