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Decryption: The steam Toaster in Most of its forms

What's a steam oven?

The steam oven produces mild heat and will allow low-temperature cooking (forty into 120 ° C). The toaster includes a water tank and a bottom tank heater which heats the water to create steam, and it is gently diffused into the oven. It's the steam that cooks food items. In comparison to some normal toaster, the temperature of the steam oven is much decreased.

The advantage of this cooking?

Optimum preservation of most vitamins, nutrients, colours, textures, and tastes of foods. To know: Beyond one hundred forty ° C, citrus destroys many nutritional attributes.
The meals will be more mellow, unctuous, tender, succulent
No more added fat. This is very suitable for lovers of balanced and dietetic cuisine.
Naturally, steam consumption translates to cooking longer (approximately 30% more for A100% steam oven compared to a traditional toaster ). Thus, it is going to be slightly bit more individual!

The steam oven is designed instead for the traditional microwave oven price in Bangladesh.

Having a true steam oven, it will not be possible to grill beef, gratin lasagna or crispy a cake. But, there are different forms of toaster ovens. If you hesitate, know there are steam combi ovens that provide steam cooking and cooking revolving heat such as.

The steam oven is also an alternate into this pressure cooker or electrical steam stove.

The different purposes of a 100% steam oven:
Cookbook low temperature, blanch, simmer, prune, extract the juice fruits and vegetables, hot without drying out, defrost with ingestion, sterilize jars or bottles.

Also, if the warmth is adjustable to greater than 60 ° C, the steam oven could liquefy (warmth without drying or annealing) food (stale bread, leftover in the afternoon before) and frozen dishes, ferment yoghurt and also elevate pasta (work"oven")and cook beneath vacuum, and dehydrate (dry) fruits and vegetables…

The Several Types of steam ovens

Steam oven 100%

The 100% steam toaster supplies an actual steam cooking mode. It is only water vapour that cooks foods.

The steam toaster has been cleaned employing the steam cleaning function. This 1 allows eliminating the recalcitrant foods residue. Significantly that when ingestion 100 per cent steam, there aren't any projections of grease or carbonization; an easy nozzle stroke at the end of ingestion will probably typically be adequate.

If it's the case that you presently have an excellent multifunction oven (convection heat + organic convection + grill)it could be interesting to complete it having a 100% steam toaster. If not, it may be simpler to go for a more combi steamer.

The family of 100% steam ovens (or steam oven ) is divided into 2 types:

1. The low-pressure steam ovens (the most common)
2. The high-pressure steam ovens (the Maximum quality)

Steam toaster Low-Pressure cooking

Bosch CDG634BS1 Steam Oven

Bosch steam toaster

It's by far the most frequent steam-electric oven price in Bangladesh, the more best-selling and the cheapest.

The low-pressure oven (or minus anxiety ) lets you cook meals by forty ° do into one hundred ° C.

This is compared with an electric steam stove, however much more practical with more possibilities.

100% cooking in low pressure will soon be excellent for its subsequent meals: fish, white eggs, meat (like the many fragile), poultry, eggs fruits and vegetables, however besides soufflés and terrines.

The toaster door can be started any time during cooking, to add food, remove or only restrain cooking. When the door is opened, cooking ceases automatically.

How can it operate?

Generally, a drinking water tank is either placed outside (above or on the medial side ) or at the oven fascia. It is most often removable. Its potential fluctuates according to the models. The bigger it's, the longer the cooking period will undoubtedly be. Depending upon the version selected, the toaster requires a connection to your water source.
A generator pumps the water into the tank, heats it and transforms into steam.
The steam is subsequently injected into the furnace room and then evacuated by a particular circuit.
The temperature will increase gently inside the toaster however without tension (ambient pressure = 1 bar). This is why the temperature can't transcend one hundred ° C.
If the oven is connected to water, then it has a self-filling and emptying technique. Suitable because it avoids needing to empty and fill the water tank together with each usage.




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