DeLonghi mobile air conditioner - buying guide, classification and tests in 2019

DeLonghi mobile air conditioner - buying guide, classification and tests in 2019

How to choose good DeLonghi portable air conditioners?

Like any other electronic device, a DeLonghi portable air conditioner cannot be bought lightly. It is necessary, in fact, a minimum of knowledge on the desired product, before proceeding to its acquisition. The reason why a little investigation on some points is imperative. Then look for information on the power of the device, the various features, but also on its energy consumption. All of this information will be of great help to you when using it.

Regarding the power, you can easily identify it, because it is expressed in BTU. But it can, of course, be converted to W. When choosing the machine, be sure to know the size of the room in which you plan to put it. The more efficient the model, the more it will be able to refresh a fairly large room.

When it comes to functionality, it makes more sense to choose a multitasking device. Think of an air conditioner that can offer at least 2 uses. For example, you can find a device that serves as a fan, dehumidifier and cooler at the same time. It all depends on the model you have purchased.

Finally, insist on the energy consumption of the article. According to connoisseurs, it is highly recommended to opt for a class A machine or a model that comes closest to it. Indeed, this category is the safest if you want a less energy-consuming air conditioner. Of course, it is also not forbidden to choose the lower classes.


What are the best DeLonghi portable air conditioners of 2019?

1. De'Longhi PAC WE112 Eco Mobile Air Conditioner

The DeLonghi PAC WE112 Eco has a cooling capacity of 11,500 BTU / h or 3100 W. You can then install it in a room of up to 100 m³, to be able to make the most of this power. What's more, its energy efficiency class is A +.

Also, this model has 2 conditioning functions. It can, therefore, dehumidify or cool the air in the room where it is located. Also, this article has a noise level of 65 dB, which is quite normal for this kind of device. Indeed, the intensity of its ideal of a portable air conditioner is between 55 and 70 dB.

Besides, this product has an energy consumption of 1 kWh. This is quite minimal for a model of this power. So you won't have to worry about your cooling expenses. The capacity of its water tank is 10 L. Thanks to this, you can, in complete peace of mind, let your device operate alone without supervision for several days.

2. De'Longhi PAC N76 Air-To-Air Portable Air Conditioner Penguin

Being at the same time a fan, a cooler and a dehumidifier, the DeLonghi PAC N87 is a multitasking portable air conditioner price in Bangladesh. You can adjust its functionality to provide you with air conditioning according to your needs and in due time. It has a sound level of 63 dB, which is quite common for this kind of device.

With a cooling power of 9800 BTU / h or 2500 W, you will have a fairly powerful prototype. Having this refrigeration capacity, this model is perfectly suited to be put in a room measuring in the 85 m³.

This product weighs 30 kg, which is quite average for this kind of device. This will make it easy for you to move it, if necessary.

3. Delonghi PAC N81 Mobile Air Conditioner

Having an hourly energy consumption of 0.9 kWh and 450 kWh annually, you will not risk ruining your electricity with the DeLonghi PAC N81 model. Also, this article weighs only 30 kg. You will, therefore, have no trouble moving it from room to room, if necessary.

Also, this model serves as a dehumidifier, cooler and fan. You can then manipulate it according to the season and the circumstances that will arise.

Besides, the cooling capacity of this product is 2400 W or 9400 BTU / h. You will then have no fear about its effectiveness in conditioning the air in the room where it will be. With this power, you can very well install it in a room up to 80 m³.


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