Who does want a bathroom that reflects our personal style and delivers the coziness we need at the same time? However, apart from the style and the looks, it is also necessary that the functionality of the room itself should never be overlooked, and it has the precise fixtures and facilities that are capable of providing value. You need to consider if you require your bathroom to be a luxurious master suite with a bathtub and a separate toilet room, or should it be a not-so-deluxe cozy room that can be used by the whole family. Luckily, through cautious planning and selecting the accurate design, you can have it all. 

Before remodeling your bathroom, you need to keep a few key features in mind. They are:

1. Low Maintenance

If you select tiles that are easy to keep clean, it makes your whole remodeling job a lot cheaper and saves you a lot of time in keeping it maintained. You can select from any of these ideas for a bathroom that is low maintenance:

  1. Counters made of Quartz in place of marble

  2. Faucets of nice quality that last a lifetime

  3. Doors of glass shower should be treated with water anti-spotting agents beforehand

2. Energy Efficient

Energy saving is the new trend and frankly the biggest selling point of homes. This is because of the shortage in water and the rise in utility bills. When planning to remodel your bathroom, these items make the most of energy efficiency:

  1. Water heaters without tanks

  2. Toilets and faucets that use low water flow

  3. LED lighting as an alternative to traditional incandescent lights

  4. Floor heating with radiation

  5. Windows with insulation

3. Bright bathroom with a lot if the light

Every homeowner wants their bathrooms to be bright and open spaces. Surely while remodeling your bathroom, you should keep in mind that lightning will showcase your bathroom remodel investment beautifully. Else, you stand to lose your money and your precious time in upgrading your bathroom only for it to hide the design in a dark room that doesn't highlight the interior properly. You can rely on these methods to create a bathroom that has proper lighting and brightness:

  1. Adding larger windows and skylights, if possible

  2. Using diverse lighting for different purposes throughout the bathroom

  3. Choosing finishes and surfaces that reflect the light.

When you decide on remodeling your bathroom, you should surely decide in advance what item fits the above criteria.

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The Bathroom Remodeling Montgomery County MD Remodeling Process

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Bath remodeling options and ideas created to meet your design and budget

Our innovative design specialists help you in creating a design that fits your budget. 

Professional installation

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