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Distinct Guide for Planning a Fashion Show

The fashion shows are a great idea to come up with as a fund-raising event and as part of the community events or for promoting the fashion businesses and the fashion designers.

The fashion shows can take months of planning depending on the designer, the venue and the other factors. With all these in mind, you can rest assured that the fashion show is not an easy task to achieve.

Here some essential components that will ensure a high level of success and a low level of drama for your fashion show. Just take a look.

  • The Creative Must be Mind-blowing – The chances are that you will be organising an event for an individual designer, a small event company or even a fashion loving friend. You should let the creative juices flow and enlist the ideas first without any edits even though the ideas can seem absurd at the time. You should come up with ideas that will make the collection to stand out, create a buzz for the social media and compliment the vision of the designer in the best way possible. From these lists, you can get the best ideas and come up with the impactful themes for presentation. From the empty car showrooms to the subway platform, anything can be used as the fashion show venue provided you plan well.

  • Decide on a Theme – All of the fashion shows are centred around a general theme. These can be fall fashion, lingerie fashion or a new line of costume. Alternatively, the theme can focus on a particular fabric or colour. The music, decorations, lighting all have to complement this theme. If the fashion show is a fundraiser you should pick a theme that will support its cause. For example, if you are organising a fashion show for the breast cancer week, you should use the colour pink.

  • Build a Budget and Stick to It – Next you need to create a comprehensive budget and this will help you to figure out how much money you needed. If you are trying to raise money for the charity, you should try and keep the cost to the minimum. The donations are going to assist the money significantly. You should keep it in mind that you will need to book the venue, pay a team for entertainment. Some of the models and the designers can work voluntarily but you cannot expect the same from every designer. So it can take you anything from $500-$5000.

  • Respect the Vision of the Designer – Remember that from the start, a fashion show happens to be an event for highlighting the genius and the vision of the designer. Keep it in mind that there is just one ego that should be catered to and that happens to belong to the designer. Everyone else can leave theirs outside. Creating 3 collections at every step is a huge task that is exciting, gruelling and expensive. It is obvious that the designer wants the best ambience to create for presenting his or her creations, and you should be able to create that. You should research the taste and preference of the designer and check out his or her projects to make an informed decision and create an effective design for the designer.

  • Create the Ideal Crew – The crew for the events must be pre-approved. This will include the staff that are generally needed for a production like the sound designers, show runners and lighting company. Added to that, there are other staff who are required for making the show successful and smooth. There are other people like the models, and the individuals who will do the makeup and hair of the models and the seamstress. Keep it in mind that a lot of staff will be needed in case of such events because of the attention to detail in the fashion shows. The more professionals are hired the more likely the show is going to run successfully and smoothly.

  • Don’t Ignore the Marketing and PR – Without the proper marketing nothing is possible today. And probably, the marketing and the PRs are going to contact you in the first place as it is the marketing firm that recruits the event professionals. They will be looking for somebody who has relevant experience, is very creative and passionate and thinks out of the box. For a fashion show event to be successful, it calls for a lot of things like an event organiser with the perfect references, a great team and a marketing house that is aware of the field.

Apart from the above you should also arrange for the perfect décor by opting for furniture rentals like chair hire that will help you get the right décor without making a dent in the pocket.



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