Do You Have a Bath Fitting Store? Here are 4 Innovative Ideas for Marketing with Catalogs

Do You Have a Bath Fitting Store? Here are 4 Innovative Ideas for Marketing with Catalogs

Having a bath fitting store requires you to do one thing mostly. You have to make sure that you are marketing it in the most effective way so that your niche audience is getting your brand message loud and clear. So, the question is, when you are planning to promote your new range of tubs or fittings, which medium you should use? Catalogs can be the best option for you.

So, if you are new in using printed tools for promoting your new range of fittings, then you are in the right place. Take a look at the following points to know more.

The Cover Drama

When you are designing a catalog, think of creating a dramatic cover. Choose a standard 8.5*11 catalog that will be almost in the shape of a booklet and will help you promote your products with high-quality images and complete textual content. For the cover, choose thick glossy paper stock with UV coating. It will surely make the cover more appealing. Use your creativity and come up with some amazing and catchy taglines. Use metallic tone and rich hues for the basic color scheme of the catalog. Make sure when you are choosing catalog printing service, they are showing you proof prior printing. Go for vertical press score of 3 to 4 inches of a spine and use the design symmetrically.

The Lustrous Effect of the Image

Now, with the help of the catalog, you can offer a stunning and almost tangible experience to your potential customers. Before stepping in your store and getting to see and feel the bath fittings themselves, the customers will be able to see the effect it will create with the high-quality glamorous image. Use metallic tone or ivory for background. Click original and high-quality images that will create a perfect impact. Now, if you are considering custom brochure printing for your marketing, then you can go for it too. However, a catalog offers you more pages for such high-quality visual content to promote. So, carefully choose your option. The glossy or satin finish, the beauty of each feature and the rich colors of the products will offer the much needed tangible experience that the customers will need.

Tell the Story

Your brand has a story. You have a philosophy. There is a history and background to the production of each of your products. A catalog gives you the flexibility to say it all to your target audience. A catalog is generally designed for niche consumers. So, rest assured, they are a great deal for your story. Use textual content to describe each product and the story behind it. Use the simple geometrical grid and sans serif fonts for a simple yet traditional presentation. Don’t use too bold fonts as it can divert the attention from the images. Come up with a catchy tagline and tell the story in the most descriptive terms possible.

Luxury Style Papers

The main aim is to promote your products with the help of catalog printing. So, for that, it is necessary to enhance the appeal of the fittings. Hence, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right type of paper stock. Any reputed online printing store will offer you the option of choosing from a plethora of options for paper stock. Go for thicker glossier ones for stunning appeal. You can also opt for coated matte ones for a more sophisticated touch.

So, now as you know how you can promote your bath fittings business with the catalog, don’t waste time. Choose a company that not only does online brochure printing but also prints catalogs and share your ideas with them.

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