Document Management – Some FAQs

Document Management – Some FAQs

Documents are worked on and new files are created in every organisation or company operating in every industry you may care to think of. More and more companies recognise the advantages of a paperless office and therefore the majority of these documents are increasingly electronic. With the increase in the numbers of electronic documents in a business, careful consideration must be given to how these documents are used, accessed and processed. Understand why document management is important and how electronic documents can be best managed.

Docusoft DMS delivers an Electronic Document Management Solution to improve document processing and makes it easy to capture, find, access and distribute your documents digitally.

Companies may be hesitant and still may question the need for DMS. So here Docusoft offers answers to four frequently asked questions about DMS. You might find these helpful if you are considering implementing a Document Management System for your business.

  • What is a Document Management System?

    A Document Management System or Electronic Document Management System (EDMs) is a solution that has evolved over the past two decades from a basic system that helped store electronic files, to a “smart electronic filing boxes” that stores, indexes, tracks, distributes and provides secure access to an organisations electronic documents and information.

  • Why should I use a DMS?

    Document management systems are used to replace redundant paper-dependent processes in industry and to improve the efficiency and productivity of businesses that create electronic documents as a part of their daily work. An Electronic Document Management System is considered the most efficient way to manage the capture, processing, secure access and storage, and distribution of electronic documents.

  • Why document management is important?

      • There is one central repository for all your business documents.
      • Customers email correspondence, electronic documents and paper documents converted to PDF can all be filed against in one place
      • Electronic documents can be filed in a consistent way.
      • Employees can find documents easily and quickly.
      • Employers authorise employees to access documents.
      • There is less manual intervention, so employee productivity can increase.
      • Documents can be distributed, delivered and exchanged in one secure environment.
      • Documents can be signed electronically.
      • Built in audit trails track activity in the system, adding another level of security to its use and helps relieve many of the headaches associated with managing compliance regulations.
  • How will a DMS help reduce my costs?

      • Reduce time managing paper based tasks.
      • Reduce time managing electronic filing.
      • Reduce time spent searching for documents.
      • Reduce costs of sending important documents for exchange or signature.
      • Reduce duplication of files.
      • Reduce recreation of deleted or lost files.
      • Reduce paper, printing, and storage costs.
      • Save time and boost productivity.


Welcome To Docusoft

Docusoft has been successful in implementing software solutions that deliver efficiency and productivity to a wide range of clients since 2003. The Docusoft suite of solutions are effective where there is a requirement for structured indexing, where document and process compliance is necessary, and where there is a significant dependence on document handling, processing and workflow. The Docusoft DMS is a comprehensive solution for managing all documents in a single environment. It includes all the key functions to capture and retrieve any document in any format, store documents securely, provide user access controls, search using both structured and unstructured (OCR) techniques and deliver documents to users using an integrated workflow.

About Docusoft


Docusoft has been successful in implementing software solutions that deliver efficiency and productivity to a wide range of clients since 2003.

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