Dr Viveka Kumar heart surgeon

Dr Viveka Kumar heart surgeon

Heart transplant in India can only be considered when the person has severe heart failure. If the condition of the person is serious and the other treatments of heart are not managing to improve things or control the symptoms, the cardiologist may send that person to the heart transplant centre for the transplant assessment.  The person’s assessment will determine whether the person needs a transplant and whether they are suitable for the one or not. Based on the assessment, one may be considered suitable for a transplant, in which case the person will be put onto the transplant waiting list. This means that a person could be called for a transplant at any time when the donor is available. If a person is potentially suitable for a transplant, but the consultants do not think their condition is severe enough to put that person on the waiting list. If this happens to the person then their case will be reviewed regularly. If the condition of the person gets worse, then they will go on the waiting list. In need of further investigations or treatment. This means that more information is needed before a decision is made. If a person is unsuitable for a heart transplant then this could be because of a number of reasons. The heart transplant team will explain the person why they are not suitable and discuss the other treatments that can be done.


The point come if the person needs heart transplant then how much time it will take?

Donor hearts may come from anywhere from the country. Then the heart transplant team will try to reduce as much as possible the amount of time between removing the heart from the donor and transplanting it into the person. It will also be considering whether a heart is a good match or not, the heart transplant team will look at the quality of the heart, the size, and importantly, how well it matches the blood and tissue type of the person from the donor. If the person is considered suitable for the heart transplant then they will be added to the transplant waiting list. Once the person is on the list, a suitable heart for that person may come along within a few days or it may take many months or can even take years. Unfortunately, the thing is thataa suitable hearts do not become available for every person and around one in six people do not receive the  they require. If all the conditions are satisfied then a heart transplant operation usually takes four and six hours. At the start of the procedure the person will be given a general anaesthetic. The surgeon will make a cut in the person’s breastbone to get access to their heart. The person will be connected to a heart-lung bypass machine which makes their blood circulate around their body. The heart surgeon will then work on transplanting the new heart in the person.

When the heart transplant is finished, they will start the person’s heart beating again. When their heart begins to take over pumping and the person’s condition is stable, the heart-lung machine will be turned off. Then the heart Doctor in Delhi will then close their breastbone with the wire, which will stay there for the rest of the person’s life. After the operation the person will be moved to the intensive care unit of the hospital. Most of the people after the transplant wake on the following day. One will be sedated and breathe with the help of a ventilator machine until they are able to breathe for themselves.

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