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Effective way to Dispose Or Recycle Lithium Batteries?

Lithium batteries are powerful ones known for exhibiting high energy. There are numerous equipment in which these batteries are used like digital cameras, phones, cordless power tools, and remotes.

The batteries available in the market are of diverse sizes and shapes. At the time of recycling, lithium salt concentrate, stainless steel and copper are the residues usually find. Yes, many companies sell batteries for several purposes. It should be taken care to keep these batteries at the dry place. At the same time, they should be packed in plastic boxes and bags. Because of the supreme quality, enhanced lifespan, and ability to work at extreme temperatures; these batteries are ideal to be used. Unwanted effects can slow down or hamper the performance of lithium batteries.

Most of the time, we throw out the batteries without thinking about its harmful effects. Due to the toxic materials used in it, they are hazardous for human health. But when we talk about Lithium batteries, they are very little hazardous, and we can easily recycle or dispose of them without harming the environment.   

Noted benefits of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Light in weight

In comparison with other rechargeable batteries, Lithium batteries are much lighter and acknowledged for good battery capacity.

– Minimum self-discharge property

Lithium batteries show a decreased self-discharge rate. That’s why; it works for a more extended period.

– Quick charging capability

When you are using devices having Lithium batteries, it becomes quick to charge them since they comprise of monocrystalline silicon for lithium battery.

– Comprises of open-circuit voltage

Lithium-ion batteries are known for having a higher open-circuit voltage, which means it can hold a good load.

Excellent ways to dispose of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Generally, the manufacturers use monocrystalline silicon for a Lithium battery. That’s why; it becomes essential to dispose of them. If you think that these batteries can be recycled or not, then the answer is an absolute yes, but it should not be done in a regular recycling bin. Lithium is known as a highly reactive component and reported to be flammable. 

The risk of danger increases at that time when these batteries are wrapped in paper or card boxes, especially in summer. Actually, it results in a spark and ends up in a dangerous fire. Here, we are discussing some of the easy to follow steps by which one can easily dispose of these batteries.

– Collect all the lithium batteries you want to dispose of. Check all your devices and take out the unused one.

– Find out the place or companies that promote the recycling of lithium-ion batteries as it is difficult to destroy monocrystalline silicon for a lithium battery. You can also call them to know where their sites are located and how much they charge.

– Make use of electrical tape to cover the ends of a battery. There is a possibility that the batteries still spark.

– Put them in the plastic bag without sealing as it allows evacuating the gases.

– Always keep lithium batteries away from other kinds of batteries.

– Visit the collection site. The professionals will take them from you and properly handle them before disposing of.

In general, recycling them is the most preferred way of disposing of them. Some renowned companies work towards the betterment of both the environment and humans. They partner with different refineries all over the globe.

A small step towards the appropriate disposal of lithium batteries can make a substantial impact on society. Now, you have known different steps to dispose of the lithium batteries effectively. Technology is advancing, and customers do require electronic devices to make their work simpler. So, don’t think anymore and start stepping towards recycling the old batteries and prevent any kind of hazard.



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