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Effective Ways To Market You Blockchain Apps

Blockchain has grabbed the maximum attention in the past few years, and from being a buzzword, today blockchain-based apps have turned out to be a necessity for the businesses. 

Indeed, this technology has the potential to give a new curve to the future, where businesses turn faster, more efficient, with an affordable mechanism to function. Today, businesses prefer to invest in this technology, as it replaces the conventional approach of middlemen, commission, security threats, and much more, through the decentralized network.

However, to make an app with this technology is not sufficient, as you need to put your efforts to help it grow and compete further. And this is the effort that is bridged by digital marketing.

Puzzled how a blockchain app can be promoted through marketing???

No need to grow panic, as in this blog post we have collected a few proven market strategies that can help you to promote your business app, and witness success knocking at your door.

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get on a quick tour of digital marketing essentials required for your blockchain app to grow out of bounds…

Design speaks volume

To start with, the app design creates an aura around your consumers and helps them to stay engaged with the app. Hence, investing a little more on your app’s design will help you create an ever-lasting impression on your users. As blockchain technology is already considered to be a tough technology (which is not the fact) so keeping the app design as simple as possible, will help the users to navigate through the app seamlessly.

Follow the simple and clean formal, and if need be, add a quick tutorial to help users to understand the app functionality.

You must know that if an app seems to be complex to use, no matter how much cool quotient you would add to its features, your users will ever get comfortable using it, and chances are that your app will see a massive uninstall rate.

Therefore, pay attention to the app’s design much before investing your time and efforts in marketing initiatives.

Forums are new marketing channel

No matter how much your app has got to offer, but unless it tastes the real-world experience, you can never learn what more it can be improved on. Forums offer a great platform for your app to get connected with different communities and give you the beta test use cases. You need to approach different portals and forum platforms, so your users can learn the relevant information about our app, and you can even get the feedback to improve its functionalities from the user-perspectives.

Social Media shout

Many of us think that social media is more about Millennials and for entertainment purposes, but what we fail to understand that social media has got a mixed audience base. And keeping your blockchain app circulated on different social channels will certainly give a boost to its popularity meter. 

On social media, every channel has a different voice, and it is dedicated to a specific userbase only. Hence by putting your app on these platforms, you would encourage different users to stay updated and get the information about your project, and how it would benefit them further.

Paid Promotion

For those, who are willing to capture every possible means of marketing, paid is another great way to proceed with. Although, this should be considered last in the list, and your focus more should be on organic way to spread awareness about your app. However, considering the competition out there, it is good to consider it as a proportional ratio, to get users’ attention faster. You can involve the advertisements, videos, banners, etc., and gain traffic through paid strategy.

Try Reddit

Reddit is considered to be a normal social channel, where forums take place, but not many of us know that it has got a lot more to offer, such as communities called subreddits. Here you can share social news and content about your blockchain app, and let the world know about your app and its offered functionalities.

In a nutshell

Well, the above-mentioned marketing strategies can only work when an efficient blockchain app development company is there to assist you with the best possible results. As they hold the right experience and exposure to handle your marketing strategies, and this is where Techugo will help you to build blockchain-based apps with a proven marketing plan.



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