Egypt: A perfect Honeymoon Destination

Egypt: A perfect Honeymoon Destination

Egypt: A perfect Honeymoon Destination 

Every couple dreams of going to one of the most beautiful places in the world on their honeymoon. There are various prime locations which are known to grasp you in their beauty and are most du jour honeymoon destinations. One of them is Egypt.

Why Egypt should be your go-to honeymoon destination?

Holding your bae’s hand, strolling on the sparkling beaches of Nile will surely be a mesmerizing experience which will always stay in your heart forever. The spellbound beauty and scenic view will be a treat to both of you.

With MySharmAdventures Egypt holiday packages you can enjoy your stay in a luxurious hotel at very reasonable prices by opting Egypt Honeymoon Packages. The breakfast will also be complementary and it will be one of your most favorite memories. 

Alexandria: The beaches of Alexandria are known for their ravishing beauty. You can ramble with your partner across the coast-line and enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine and fancy seafood on the beach restaurants. 

  • Aswan:

This city situated on the banks of the River Nile is profusely famous for its beautiful coastline. You and your partner can ride in a boat-restaurant, sipping tea and gorging over the beautiful city. The joyous and colorful Nubian villages are a must-visit. You can also catch a ferry and go to Elephantine Island and relish its surreal beauty.

  • Siwa Oasis:

This oasis is a popular destination due to its magnificence as it is surrounded by date plantations and vegetation scattered over the desert. The Brick Citadel provides a beautiful view of the city to you. The Citadel itself is quite vast and worth-visiting. These extraordinary experiences will keep you and partner mesmerized as long as possible.

  • White Desert:

This beautiful snowy arid region assures that you are left with a pleasant experience. The mushroom-shaped mountains cut by the winds are just miraculous examples of natural beauty. The absolute white serenity with leave you both in awe. This place is covered in most of  Egypt holiday packages.

  • Luxor Temple and the Valley of Kings:

Apart from the temples of reverence of various mythological gods, it has the biggest open-air museum around the globe which you can visit with your bae.

MySharmAdventures provide you the Best Egypt Honeymoon packages at very reasonable prices. You can travel with your partner around the most beautiful places in Egypt. There are 3-4 days Egypt Holiday package and 10 days Egypt Holiday package available too. The stay will be in luxurious hotels up to 4 stars.

The airport transfer and reverse airport transfer are also provided by the Mysharmadventures. They also provide complimentary breakfasts for the guests and also have an extension plan that can be availed upon inquiry. Even the entry fees for almost all the monuments are included in the package.

So, if you are planning to go on a honeymoon with your bae do surely give Egypt a visit. The astounding charm of the Nile river is sufficient alone to make your plans as soon as possible. And, in case you have made up your mind to visit beautiful Egypt, do visit for the best Egypt Holiday Packages.


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