Election Management System

Election Management System

Worried about the upcoming elections? We present a comprehensive solution for all your surveys related to surveys. The Archiz Election Management System is a comprehensive universal solution for the main political parties / deputies / MLAs for the convenient management of voter information. The electoral software includes all the relevant information about a particular constituency, which each political party / MP / MLA needs to be successful. This constituency leader helps political parties and individual leaders manage complex constituency data.

The software retrieves all relevant political data from a specific constituency, which is controlled by MP / MLA. All data is divided into three separate levels, that is, respectively, at the level of parliament, assembly and voting booths. Now get all the necessary information with the appropriate filters with our political software. The election management software is preloaded with the names and contact details of all the influencers of a particular group.

The electoral software also manages critical information for a specific group, such as caste data, party workers, Jan Sampark and even the design of a voting booth at the lowest level. It has a preliminary search option to quickly access any necessary information.

Archiz Management Software is a complete solution for political parties / MLA to manage voter information in a simple and understandable way. With this tool you can save your valuable time and maintain healthy relationships with voters. This leader of the constituency has helped many political parties and individual leaders manage all the information about the constituency.


Features of Election Management Software

Circumscription management: easily administer electoral districts, such as caste data, information on party workers, election results in various union booths and monitoring Jansamparks records of as many union booths as possible.

• Be simple, go ahead. The permanent group management software has a simple and very easy to use user interface. With all the options available on one screen, you don't need to depend on anyone to work with the software.

• Time is money. Leave your time to manage your constituency work. Manage all your work with just one application.

• Forget paperwork Managing all your data is very easy on the screen, so you don't need to store all your voter information on paper.

• Direct printing. Enhanced print support makes it easy to print data directly to your office printer.


• Quick setup. Unlike traditional software, there is nothing to install here. Simply register, create your account and you will be ready to work in seconds.

Benefit of Constituency Management Software

• Easy to manage the constituency of the constituency. • Add and manage details of party workers in the voting booth. • Manage party visits. • View the election results and easily process the data issued for different stands. • Track a record


Constituency Management Software


• Quick search for voters and focus on specific groups of voters by voting history in seconds.

• Define tools to gather information: easily circulate in dead ends, parks, lakes, highways and other obstacles along the route

• Create mailing lists, rides and phone numbers.

• Group voters according to their ability to support you

• Easily update voter registrations and register each time a voter is touched

• Report on voters using the Constituent Office

• Integration with the website * with registration, contribution, events and much more.

EMS also provides another aspect of the election, which is fundraising. Tracking electoral donations is also an important financial part of a political party. With stable election management software. You can question any doubtful financial transaction without notice. This provides an ethical way to deal with political parties.


Only software companies with limited liability can create. Electoral management software with blockchain technology. Before hiring a development company to integrate EMS. Find out what tools it works with. The company's experience and what they offer with blockchain technology.



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