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Electricity safety measures that you must take to keep your kids safe

We cannot predict the mind of kids between 1-6 years. They can do anything at any time. From Clothing Iron to the freezer in the kitchen, they can touch and inspect anything, because this is the age when their mind wants to know everything that comes in front of them. So… this is kids’ mind.

It is your responsibility to keep them safe from electrical shocks and other harmful things existing in your house. Making a house electricity shock-free is easy if you have some creative ideas in your mind.

For a little help, here are some innovative ideas you may use to keep safe your children at home:

Cover all unused switch & socket boards

Use your furniture creatively to cover up the unused electricity boards at your home. You can consider using safety outlets as they do not allow foreign objects into them. Inserting plastic cannot be a good option as they can easily be pulled off.

Keep small electric devices away from the reach of kids

Keep devices like set-top box away from the reach of kids as they can try to pull off the wires, which can result in getting an electric shock. Keep them at height or hidden from the sight of kids.

Keep the doors of Bathroom & Kitchen closed

Do not forget to keep all not-needed doors closed as your curious kid may try to enter and touch electric device like a washing machine and geyser connections.

Do not keep extension boards plugged, when not needed

If you are not using extension boards, it is strictly advised to unplug them and keep them out of the reach of your kids. If your kid is disturbing while you are using extension board, then try to keep them away or cover the unused sockets with tape.

For more safety, use primecab wires and cables to keep your house shock-free all the time.

Prime Solar Cables is a brand that assures a premium quality for every product it is making. All of its wires and cables pass through quality checks and tests to maintain safety and durability of the product.

Coming to the solar cables, Primecab has introduced TUV certified electron-beam cross-linked solar cable. This cross-linking is meant for improving the thermal, mechanical and chemical properties of the polymer. Its

Things you should know about solar wires before installing solar panels on your roof:

Ensure the Quality:

Purchasing low-quality wires may result in damaging solar plates or the photovoltaic system. As you know the wires will take the loads in kilowatts, you must ensure the quality of the wire you are using with your solar panels. A good quality solar wire like the Primecab offers highly durable wires for all kind of solar panel connectivity use.

Ensure the PV wire ratings

Solar wires are rated in AMPS, with a limited burden of electricity. Never try to overload the wires with exceeding current. Durability of wire can only be maintained if the current is flowing as per the ratings of those wire.

Wire Thickness Matters

A thick solar wire can handle high power of AMPs in comparison to the thin solar wires. It is usually considered safe to use thick wire instead of using low AMP wire for keeping all fire risks low. Primecab uses a high quality material to lower the risk of catching fire even with the flow of high voltage in its thin wires.

How Primecab is leading the market of Solar Cables?

Solar wire types are the wires used to connect solar plates to the photovoltaic system.It is very important to know the construction, characteristics, and ratings of cables to understand the working and functionality of electric cables before going to purchase them.


You must know about the metal used in the wires you are going to purchase. Multi-stranded copper wires are highly preferred due to their durability and low-resistance.



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