Email addresses and data base of Dhaka Colo

Email addresses and data base of Dhaka Colo

Email addresses

This gives you a professional advantage when you are working on the development of your website. The supplier also offers paid messaging plans so that customers with a Starter account can obtain professional emails.
These are accessible from € 1.48 / month. You can add up to five mailboxes with 25 GB of storage on each.
Also, the unlimited plan allows you to add as many email accounts as you want. This is also the case for managed WordPress and VPS packages. This aspect has a positive impact on our opinion on Dhaka Colo.


For virtual private servers, this operator even offers a pre-configured VPS option, which offers an optimized MySQL experience for even more efficient cloud storage service in Bangladesh.
Regarding the features offered, our opinion on this host in 2020 is rather favorable. We will now see what it has to offer us in terms of performance.

Is Dhaka Colo web hosting worth it?

In this part of our full review, we will see if the prices offered by the latter are up to its hosting service. This is to give our impression of the overall speed, loading time, reliability of the service and the security measures put in place.

Loading speed and time

The results of our test show that the sites hosted by Dhaka Colo are rather fast. But this is not only due to the unlimited bandwidth offered by the provider.
Indeed, each web hosting plan is provided with SSD disks. With this type of storage, your website and database queries are executed faster than on traditional hard drives.
Besides, each VPS, Dedicated and Cloud hosting plan allocates dedicated resources. This equates to low latency and high performance.
We have also seen that dedicated servers do not host MySQL databases on a separate machine, but rather locally. This has the advantage of speeding up queries on the database you are hosting.

Stability and reliability

Dhaka Colo's infrastructure is based on high-tech systems, which guarantee excellent stability. These are designed so that the sites hosted by customers remain functional at all times.
This explains the 100% uptime guarantee offered by the supplier. If your site breaks down, this guarantee will save you euros. However, the 100% announced number is not true. Indeed after several tests, it turns out that we are rather around 99.9% over a year.
That said, it is good to stress that everything is done to run WordPress with extreme simplicity and efficiency. This allows your site to benefit from the best configurations.
Thanks to the RAID 1 storage included in the dedicated servers, your visitors will benefit from increased reliability and optimal performance. This is another very good point in the context of our Dhaka Colo review for 2020.

Data protection

On the security side, our opinion on Dhaka Colo is just as positive. Indeed, all hosting plans are delivered with a free SSL certificate "Encryption", which ensures the protection of your site with the HTTPS protocol.
In addition to encrypting traffic between your site and your visitors, it also instantly boosts referencing with Google. All servers are protected against DDoS attacks.
On the other hand, you will be able to create automatic backups of your site. With VPS hosting, you can even password protect all the directories on your website.
Even more: DreamObjects provides access to certain applications (such as QNAP, CloudBerry, Dropshare, QNAP, OwnCloud, etc.) to secure your files with backups in the cloud.
As you can see, Dhaka Colo offers the most remarkable performance. But it is still far from what you can get from Hostinger or Dhaka Colo.
However, we are not going to draw too hasty conclusions yet. Let us first wait to present the last aspects of our comprehensive review.

Our opinion on ease of use

Concerning ease of use, the supplier has made every effort to simplify life for its customers. Thanks to the Dhaka Colo control panel, you have administrator access to everything necessary to keep your site running at full capacity. Simple and intuitive, this control tool allows you to manage everything from one place (websites, databases, emails, domains, etc.).
In seconds, you can create new email accounts, manage your websites, transfer domains, install WordPress and more.
With dedicated hosting, you even get full root and shell access (SSH) for maximum control. If necessary, you can easily restart your server or cycle it.
A powerful 1-click installer is available for you to easily create your website. To do this, simply choose from the many pre-assembled applications and the installer will take care of the rest.
With a dedicated virtual server hosting plan, the installation of security patches and software updates are automatic and managed directly by the operator.
This will save you time to better focus on your web project. This aspect has, once again, a positive impact on our opinion on Dhaka Colo for 2020.
Finally, the other big plus: Crontab access is included in all VPS hosting plans. With this time-based job scheduler, you can automate even the most tedious command-line tasks.

What to think of customer support?

In addition to making life easier for its customers, Dhaka Colo makes sure to be by their side when they need help. To this end, the supplier has a fairly complete knowledge base.
This is the result of several years of collecting common questions (to have an FAQ, also called Frequently Asked Questions). We, therefore, find answers to frequently asked questions.

The only downside: the knowledge base is not available in Bangladesh. The operator will, therefore, have to remedy this if he wants to be able to compete with Dhaka Colo, which acts as a benchmark at this level.
He also provides you with a professional and very friendly support team. It is made up of experts who diligently provide you with personalized solutions, in particular by e-mail or live chat.
You can contact support for assistance, day or night. This 24/7 availability, in any case, reinforces our opinion on this host.
However, about the responses provided by the support, the operator will have to make some improvements. Indeed, the solutions proposed are not always clear.
And besides, all communications will be in English only! You will not be able to express yourself in French at all, which is very unfortunate…

Our final opinion on Dhaka Colo

We are at the end of this article aiming to present our full review on Dhaka Colo in 2020.
From the information given above, we can say that this provider offers pretty good data center services in Bangladesh. Despite everything, it is still far from Hostinger and Dhaka Colo.
In terms of functionality and ease of use, there is nothing to say. But regarding performance, pricing and the fact that everything is in English, the supplier will need to make some adjustments and improvements.
So keep this in mind when making your final decision. For any additional questions, please don't hesitate to leave us a comment at the bottom of the article.


I am Mashfiq Ahmed Masum. I live in Bangladesh.

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