Escape Rooms - why are they popular?

Escape Rooms - why are they popular?

The Escape Game (also known as the Escape Room, the Escape Game, the Real Escape Game) is a game in which participants must exit a room or room system using logical or skill tasks within a specified time.In the latest generation of free-to-play games, we can no longer play a simple point-and-click game, but a well-designed program with almost script-like actions.

Perhaps the most important difference, unlike first-generation escape rooms, most tasks are self-made and tasks are not found in other games. All tasks are designed by the game designer (rather than using purchased franchises or tools) to ensure quality and coherent tasks.

In this escape game, participants are part of a rich and realistic story, experience the action better and have different abilities. Tasks require logical thinking and teamwork as well. The design, interior design of the toys is extremely accurate, and history is precise, and is cluttered with tools (so there are tools and objects in the playground that serve only as decoration but have no function in the actual escape game).

All tasks require extra attention from the players, as the escape room players may even discover fake solutions if they are not on the right track. Teamwork is very much needed to solve the puzzles.
The game provides maximum interactivity as tools are operational and help teams. If you want to experience a great Escape Room in the UK, go to The Real Escape in Portsmouth!

An improved version of free-to-play games is live board, which combines an interactive program with role-playing games, computer games and classic board games, eliminates the luck factor, meaning it focuses entirely on logic and association skills. Its choice of theme, gameplay, and equipment and atmosphere distinguish it from classic release games.

The minimum team size is 2 people and the maximum team size can vary from city to city, but generally from 5 to 6 people. You can get more detailed information about this when booking your tickets. The optimal team size is 5-6 people, because teamwork is the most effective at this time and the price is the best. And basically, the less difficult you are, the harder it is to solve the puzzles.


We have limited the number of courses in our courses according to the size of the space and the gaming experience. We recommend that if you are more than the maximum number of players, you would rather play in parallel on two levels to ensure the experience is guaranteed.

For anyone who is open to novel, special experiences and willing to work their brains out a bit. With us everyone will find your calculation and fun guaranteed! Groups of friends, families, colleagues and school groups are having fun with us!

Why is it so popular?

It is a relatively fresh form of entertainment and quite region bound. Although free rooms are starting to appear in the countryside these days, escape games are still centered around the capital. The point of the exit game is to lock you and your teammates in a room where it is not that easy to get out. The path to liberation leads to logical and skillful tasks. But to solve these, you have to work together as a team. This is exactly what the Escape Zone offers you, and at a level that no one left us disappointed. Even experienced players can surprise us with the novelty and spirit of our tasks. If you want the best escape games, choose us!

Do not miss your opportunity to take part of one of the best teambuilding games, enjoy escape rooms until you visited all of them on the planet!



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