Essential Stage Lighting Options For An Event

Essential Stage Lighting Options For An Event

Lighting plays a crucial role in catching the attention of the audience during an event. It might be a theatre, award ceremony, wedding, conference, or presentation. Working with a team of experienced and professional AV team will ensure that your event gets the ideal ambiance. Appropriate lighting will enhance audience engagement through effects like framing and transitions from one topic to another throughout the event. Here is a guide to essential stage lighting options for an event.

Stage wash

This is for clearly highlighting particular areas or rooms. Stage wash involves conventional light fixtures without color but helps presenters attract everyone’s attention. Alternatively, you can have stage wash supported on the ground with stands at the back of a room. This is a great idea if you don’t have conventional light fixtures handy. Ground-mounted stage wash also keeps costs down while avoiding regulations including insurance for hanging or rigging lights.


To boost the presence of the speaker standing in front of the camera, apply backlighting. Light positioned upstage limits the speaker from appearing flat resulting from the front coming light only. This trick is very important where cameras and media are present at your event. Backlighting will sharpen and enhance the quality of camera images.


Working with one of the best  stage lighting companies in Dubai  will add color to the walls using up lights. These are also a wonderful option when looking forward to punching up the area within a backdrop. Uplights are not primary sources of illumination but significantly create great artistic appeal.

These lights are usually placed on the ground in front of walls, drapes, scenic elements, and other surfaces. The options for up lights might include LED fixtures and color fixtures. The lights point up and directly onto the surfaces. This enhances the look and feel of the room. You can have up lights that change color to act as a visual cue for the audience to admire.

Moving lights

To change the look and feel of your room drastically, automatic fixtures and pre-programmed moving lights will do the trick.  These are not as costly as large custom scenic lights or projection mapping. To use moving lights, a great AV service provider might consider having or light beams waving through the air. These are cheap and relatively safe but might disorganize the smoke detection system. Work with an AV provider with knowledge of venue regulations and policies prior to your event. The cost of hiring moving lights goes down with automation and remote control depending on the scenario.

Custom gobos or patterns

A gobo is a pattern or stencil on a piece of glass or metal. It is branded to match your brand’s communication needs. This is placed into a theatrical light-like lens to create desired images. You can get shapes including your logo or pattern to portray your company to the audience. This is possible in various dimensions for steady fixtures at your event. Gobos are usually on walls, ceilings, pillars, and floors. The custom patterns are placed in various lights such as moving lights making them highly versatile.


To increase audience engagement for presenters on stage, opt for follow spotlights. These allow presenters to pace while speaking for appropriate eye contact where possible. It allows connecting with all sides of the room. You need lighting that racks the presenter while moving on stage. Followspots work like traditional spotlights operated by technicians. These are a practical solution to keep presenters well lit throughout their time on stage. Using followspots requires raised platforms or scaffold positioned and operated at the back of the room.

Why your event needs appropriate lighting

Any kind of event needs appropriate lighting. This requires knowing a reputable and experienced AV service provider to provide lighting fixtures to set the mood at your event. Additionally, adequate lighting is essential to place viewers’ attention on the presenter. This allows passing the organization’s objectives across. You have to let the service provider understand your event requirements to allow supplying lighting that will match your needs.


The success of your event depends on the level of organization and planning. You can overrule the importance of appropriate lighting. Apart from ensuring that the place is well illuminated, lighting sets the tone and mood of the event. Ensure to work with a professional AV service provider to offer adequate lighting solutions to make your event a success.

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