Every Couple’s Essential Wedding Checklist They Didn’t Know They Needed

Every Couple’s Essential Wedding Checklist They Didn’t Know They Needed

So you have set the date of your wedding and you are over the moon about it. So many thoughts are flooding your mind right now- I am going to wear this on my D-Day, I am going to have a garden theme wedding, I am going to invite these people in my wedding, and other similar thoughts. You must have already started planning your wedding in your head right away. Planning a wedding is no small task because there are so many nitty-gritty details that you have to keep in mind. This is where a wedding checklist comes in handy. The first thing you need to do is come up with a wedding checklist that covers everything in detail. Here are some of the essential points that should definitely be in your wedding checklist.

Decide on a Budget

This is the first thing that you will need to do before anything else because your budget will determine everything else. Finalize how much you would like to spend on the venue, photography, clothes, jewelry, honeymoon, flowers, etc. Make sure that you leave a small amount in your budget for some emergency spending because on a wedding you never know when you might need some extra cash. Once you have set a budget for every item, make sure that you stick to it.

Create a Timeline

Whether you have a year to plan your dream wedding or just a couple of months, it is important that you create a timeline to ensure that you are able to take care of everything on time.

Decide on the Theme

Do you want a beach wedding or a simple wedding with just a few close relatives and friends in attendance? Do you want to be married like a princess in a castle or fort or do you preferred to be married in a beautiful garden? It is important to finalize the theme early on, because the selection of the venue, vendors, etc., will depend on your wedding theme.

Finalize the Guest List

It is important to finalize the guest list early on because this will give you enough time to send out the invitations and finalize the gifts. Sit down with your partner and parents and come up with a guest list. Your guest list will primarily depend on your budget. If your budget is constrained, try to keep the guest list limited to close friends and family members.

Hunt for the Venue

Most good wedding venues are reserved months in advance; therefore, your hunt for the venue should start right away. The wedding venue that you finalize should not only be able to accommodate all your guest, but it should also be able to organize the wedding as per your theme. The location of the venue will also play a key factor in your decision. Finally, remember that many venues provide catering services also. If yours does not, you will have to book a catering service also.

Start Preparing Your Hair and Skin for the Wedding

You want to look your very best on your wedding day, so make sure that your hair and skin beauty regime should start at least a year before your D-day or as soon as your wedding date has been set. Seek an appointment with a dermatologist and find what treatments you should take to get that perfect glow on your wedding day.

Print Those Invitations

Hopefully five months prior to your wedding day, you have been able to finalize your invitation cards. Hopefully, you have done enough research to come up with an invitation whose design, color and content correctly reflects your theme and personality. The invitations should be sent at least two months before the wedding.

Book the Photographer and Videographer

Photographers and videographers are very busy people, especially during the wedding season. So make sure that you book a photographer and videographer at least five months in advance. Do an online research on wedding photographers to help you pick the right one for your wedding. If you are planning a pre-wedding shoot, make sure that you have it done at least a month before the wedding.

Book the Secondary Vendors

Your search for the secondary vendors should begin five months before your wedding and should definitely be finalized three months before the big day. The secondary vendors would include DJ, food, and beverage catering service, florist, lighting and décor specialist, choreographer, beautician and stylist, and transport service. Always make sure that you interview several vendors before you make the final decision.

Get Your Wedding Dress Ready

Once you have handled the big things, it is time to go shopping for that wedding dress. Have this scheduled five months prior to your wedding on your timeline. Finding the right dress is going to take some time because you want to make sure that it is in sync with your wedding theme and your personality. You can go online and look for the latest trends to help you with your decision.

Do Not Forget Ring and Jewelry Shopping

Your ring shopping should also be done right now. This is another tedious task, but armed with the right research you will be able to find jewelry that matches the dresses of your wedding events. Plus, if you look around, you might be able to get some discount.

Take Care of Your Guests’ Accommodation

You would need to book a comfortable and good accommodation for guests who would be coming from out of town. Take care of it at least five months in advance, because most good hotels are booked to the full during the wedding season. If you start your search in time, you will be able to find accommodation that is near your wedding venue.

Your Honeymoon Plans

It is five or four months before your big day and you have got all the major vendors booked and done your shopping. The next thing to focus on is your honeymoon. Maybe you already have a honeymoon destination in mind. If you are not sure about the destination, there is no better place than online to find your dream honeymoon destination. Book your honeymoon flights, hotels, or tour package at least two months before your wedding.

Book an Officiant

Make sure that you have the officiant booked at least two months in advance. Discuss the ceremony with the officiant and find out what materials you would require for the wedding.

Check With All the Vendors

A month prior to the wedding, make sure that you check with all the vendors and find out if everything is running on time.

Complete Your Shopping

You have completed your wedding day dress shopping, but you still need a new wardrobe for your new married life and also your honeymoon. So a month or two before the wedding make sure that you have that taken care of.

Go Party With Your Friends

Several weeks before your wedding day, you need to de-stress with your friends. You will come back rejuvenated for your D-day.

Finally, make sure that you have a backup plan ready if something goes wrong. However, if you keep the above points in mind while planning your wedding, you probably would not need a backup plan.


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