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Exchange Database to Exchange Online Migration

Exchange Database migration to Exchange Online is commonly used by users who want to upgrade their EDB files. There are lots of reasons and methods available to migrate Exchange Database to Exchange Online.

In this article, you will get to know manual methods and a professional tool for migration. But before this, we will discuss why to Migrate Exchange Database to Exchange Online?

Reasons to migrate Exchange Database to Exchange Online

  • Work from anywhere: Exchange online itself says work anywhere, and at any time doesn't matter while you're on the flight or enjoying a party. It allows users to work from any place connecting to the internet.
  • Flexibility: Exchange Online provides more scalability, which helps the organization to grow their productivity. Besides this, Organizations only have to buy new email accounts for their new employees. There is no need to buy additional storage, hardware, and infrastructure.
  • Security: Exchange online stores its data on the cloud. Exchange online users' don't have to worry about the technical faults, disasters, and any other reasons for data loss, as their data is safe on the cloud.

How to migrate Exchange Database to Exchange Online

The users can migrate Exchange Database to Exchange Online by three manual methods Hybrid deployment, Staged migration, And Express Migration. The doer can do the task by using manual methods, but manual methods are complex and time-consuming. A little mistake can be a dangerous thing, and users can lose all their Exchange Server data. Users have to sound technical to use manual methods. It is hard to pursue manual methods by non-technical and beginners.

To eliminate the complexity and risk of data loss,it is recommended to users to use a professional tool for hassle-free and secure conversion. Shoviv Exchange migration Tool is one of the most secure and recommended tool for Exchange to Office 365 migration.

Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager

The Exchange Recovery Manager tool by Shoviv is an astounding utility for Exchange migration. It efficiently migrates Exchange server data to Exchange Online, Office 365, and different popular file formats such as MSG, HTML, RTF, MSG, EML, et cetera. It keeps several user-centric features.

  • It has an incremental backup feature. This option is created after understanding users’ actual needs with the exportation. By checking this option, the software will export only that data, which was not exported before. This option comes handy if you want to eliminate already exported data and want only that data, which is increased during the last exportation.
  • To make the working process easy and secure, this software offers, preview option to get assured about the selected data, a split feature to resolve an over-sized PST issue, a search option to save time and efforts, or find a specific file, and various file formats to save the resultant file.
  • This software is built for everyone, as it keeps simple and user-friendly GUI. Non-technical and beginners can use this software without any technical assistance and knowledge.
  • Everyone wants to get assured about the software's skills and abilities. To get assured about the software, Shoviv Software provides a free trial version of its software. It is recommended for everyone to download and use the free trial version before purchasing the licensed version.
  • Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager supports all the versions of the Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server, and Windows O.S.
  • It allows adding EDB Files, Exchange Server Mailboxes, and Office 365 Mailboxes, outlook Profile Stores, Exchange Server Single Store, and Office 365 Single Store as a source.
  • There is no restriction on adding numerous files for a single process.

Final Words:

Exchange database to Exchange Online migration is the need of many users and for this search of a perfect and effortless tool is an obvious thing. Manual ways like hybrid migration, staged migration, express migration are also available but they all have limitations hence not suitable for the professional use. For the proficient and picture-perfect migration, Shoviv Exchange Recovery Manager comes as an astounding tool that offers various user-oriented features. The speed of the software is a big plus point. A free demo version of the software is also available that allows migrating the first fifty items per folder. Users can easily check its working efficiency by downloading the software.

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