Explore Himachal Pradesh – Visit Shimla and Manali

Explore Himachal Pradesh – Visit Shimla and Manali

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state of India. It has serene mountains and popular hill stations that people across the world come to see and experience. The 2 most sought-after hill stations of this place are Shimla and Manali. In fact, it is often seen that people traveling to Kullu & Manali prefer to halt at Shimla before commencing their journey. Shimla and Manali are famous for snow covered mountain range all around it.

If you are planning to book Shimla Manali tour packages, then there are various travel agencies that offer overnight Volvo bus journey to these places. If you are planning to book a tour package from Mumbai, then you should probably fly to Delhi or Chandigarh and then take the bus from there.

Discover Shimla

Shimla has a pleasant climate throughout the years. It is only during the winters that it experiences snow fall. It is called the queen of hill stations thanks to its natural beauty. This place was loved by British to such an extent that it was christened as the summer capital of the country. The British influence can still be seen at this place right from the British Architecture to the British food influencing the region. Shimla is undoubtedly a favorite amongst tourists.

Places to see in Shimla:

Annandale: Can you imagine just how it would feel to play golf in the hills? This place has a lot of British influence and one of them is the golf course. Earlier this patch of land was use for race course but now it accommodates a golf course and a helipad.

Scandal Point: Every hill station flaunts a scandal point. This place is actually nothing but the perfect place to see the sunset and the sunrise from. If you want to see the best view of Shimla Health Fitness Articles, then this is the place from where you can they see the snowcapped mountains all over. A trip to Shimla will be incomplete without going to this point

Discover Manali

Manali is loved and visited by tourists all the yearlong. During summers people from all across come over here to enjoy the pleasant weather and see the snowcapped mountains in the distance. During winter when it is generally off season the place experiences heavy snow fall. This is the time when adventure lovers come to this place to enjoy some best adventure activities. The nature lovers are the ones who come in monsoon to see the nature at its best.

Places to see in Manali:

Solang Valley: This is a snow-covered valley that is a mere 13 kms from the main Manali. This is a hit amongst the newly married couples as all year around this place is covered with snow. The topography of this place is such that one can indulge in various kinds of sports activities like skiing and other activities in ice like biking and playing in snow. This place is so strategically placed that one can see all the snowcapped mountains from here.

Rohtang pass: This is a natural pass that kind of divides Kullu with the Spiti region. This place can be accessed only during the summers as during winter it experiences heavy snow fall and this place is cut off from the rest of the country. This is also a high security zone and hence one needs permission from the Indian army to visit this place. This place is extremely harmonious and has both Hindu as well as Buddhist influence on it.

Jugni Waterfalls: If you love trekking and are on the lookout for a place that is still not a favorite amongst tourists then this Jugni waterfall is the perfect place for you. This waterfall is Situated 3 kms away from the Manali mall and is majestic. The place is beautiful and serene. The trek to the beginning of the falls will take one about 20 minutes but once on top you will be rewarded with a sight that is hard to match.

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