Eye Melanoma Market Global 2019 Analysis - by Size, Share, Trends, Top 10 Key Players Overview, Opportunity Assessment and Forecast to 2023

Eye Melanoma Market Global 2019 Analysis - by Size, Share, Trends, Top 10 Key Players Overview, Opportunity Assessment and Forecast to 2023

Eye Melanoma Market Research Report: By Site (Sclera, Retina, Uvea), By Diagnosis (Eye Exam, Imaging, Biopsy), Treatment (Radiation Therapy, Laser Treatment, Surgery), End User (Hospitals & Clinics, Academic Institutes) - Global Forecast Till 2023

Eye Melanoma Market Report include on MarketResearchFuture.com with Extensive Study. The report aims to provide an overview of Eye Melanoma Market Report. Detail analysis on possible segments and sub segments of the market. – Forecast till 2023 

Global Eye Melanoma Market Size at an approximate CAGR of 7.8% during the forecasted period 2017-2023.

Eye Melanoma or ocular melanoma is a form of cancer that is developed in pigment producing cells of the eye. Ocular melanoma can develop in any three layers of the eye i.e. the uvea, retina and sclera. Ocular melanoma has symptoms like dark spot on the iris or conjunctiva, blurred or distorted vision, sensation of flashing light , and change in the shape of pupil. The treatment includes trans pupillary thermotherapy, surgical resection techniques and laser techniques. The global market for eye melanoma is growing owing to increase prevalence of eye cancer in geriatric population.

According to American Cancer society, 3,540 new cases and 350 deaths are estimate to occur mainly because of melanoma of the eye and orbit n 2018.

According to the Cancer Research U.K, 738 new cases were registered for eye melanoma in 2015 and 122 death cases by eye cancer in 2014.The market is chiefly driven by rising healthcare expenditures and increasing research and development investments by major companies. However, high cost of treatment and lack of awareness can restrain the market in the forecast period.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the geriatric population within the U.K is approximate  to increase from 65.6 billion in 2016 to 69.8 billion by 2026. Global eye melanoma market is expected to grow at CAGR of 7.8% during the forecasted period 2017-2023

Key Players for Global Eye Melanoma Market

Market Research Future (MRFR) recognizes the following companies as the key players in Eye Melanoma Market: There are plenty of large and small market players which operate in this market all over the globe.

Castle Biosciences, Inc. (U.S.), GENERAL ELECTRIC (U.S.), Koninklijke Philips N.V. (The Netherlands),TOSHIBA CORPORATION(Japan), Siemens AG (Germany), Analogic Corporation (U.S.), Optovue Incorporated (U.S.), NOVADAQ Technologies Inc. (Canada),  Bellicum Pharmaceutical (U.S.), Immunocare (U.K.)  Astra Zeneca Plc (U.S.),  Agfa-Gevaert Group (Belgium), and ZEISS (Germany) are some of the prominent players at the forefront of competition in Eye Melanoma market.

The market is developing in America due to strong healthcare sector. The key companies such as Castle Biosciences Inc., GENERAL ELECTRIC, Optovue Incorporated, Immunocare, Astra Zeneca Plc are engaged in manufacturing and development of various diagnostics systems, imaging system, treatment medications to increase its market penetration in eye melanoma market.

Castle Biosciences Inc. is engaged in developing diagnostic tests and prognostic tests for cancers headquartered in U.S. The company’s key areas for   research and development are cutaneous melanoma, uvea melanoma, esophageal adenocarcinoma, mesothelioma and glioma.

Analogic Corporation Company is involved in developing, manufacturing, and selling ultrasound systems, medical imaging  system. The products in medical imagining systems include computer tomography systems, Magnetic resonance imagining systems, integrated CT scan systems and data acquisition systems.

Segments for Global Eye Melanoma Market

The Global Eye Melanoma Market is segmented on the basis of the site, diagnosis, treatment, and end user.

On the basis of the site, the market is segmented into sclera, retina, uvea, and others. On the basis of the diagnosis, the market is categorized into eye exam, imaging, biopsy, and others. The eye exam segment is sub-segmented into ophthalmoscopy, slit-lamp biomicroscopy, and others. The imaging segmented is sub-segmented into ultrasound, fluorescein angiography, fundus autofluorescence, optical coherence tomography, and others. On the basis of the treatment, the market is segmented into radiation therapy, laser treatment, surgery, and others. The radiation therapy segment is sub-segmented into episcleral plaque therapy, external beam radiation therapy, and others. The surgery segment is sub-segmented into iridectomy, choroidectomy, enucleation, and others. On the basis of end users, the market is segmented into hospitals & clinics, academic institutes, and others.

Regional Analysis for Global Eye Melanoma Market

The America region dominates the global eye melanoma market due to increase in prevalence of disease and huge healthcare expenditure. Moreover, increasing number of patients, changing lifestyle have driven the growth of the American market. Apart from this, the presence of the major market players like the GENERAL ELECTRIC, Analogic Corporation, Bellicum Pharmaceutical, Astra Zeneca Plc, NOVADAQ Technologies Inc. within the region increases the market growth.

Europe is the second largest eye melanoma market owing to increasing in research and development, huge patient population and well-developed healthcare.

The Asia pacific is fastest growing region for the eye melanoma market as  the presence of a huge patient population, continuously developing economies and rising healthcare expenditure boosts the market.

The Middle East & Africa is the least growing region in global eye melanoma market due to the presence of poor economies and stringent government policies, lack of awareness especially in the Africa region. The Middle East holds a majority of the market due to a well-developed healthcare sector by economies like Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and others.

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