Fabulous And Right Flowers For Different Occasions

Fabulous And Right Flowers For Different Occasions

Occasions are the wonderful time of the year when all the family members, friends, and relatives get together and enjoy a lot. They allow us to spend some beneficial time with your loved ones. It is a colorful time when you got a break from your daily routine and enjoyed it with your family. If you like adventures, then you can make a trip to explore new things and places. You can also delight your loved ones on special occasions like Birthday, Wedding, Valentine’s Day, etc. with some gifts that bring a smile on their faces and also make their day memorable. What is better than flowers to make them happy on special occasions? Right! Flowers are a beautiful thing that steals the heart of every person and makes the aura happy and beautiful. Flowers are great gifts for any occasion and convey different feelings and emotions. Flowers gifted on a special occasion depends on the two-factor one is the season in which event falls, other is the personality of the recipient. Different flowers have different meanings and symbols that makes these beauties perfect for various occasions. Here we make a list of some popular flowers that are perfect for different occasions. You can deliver flowers to Delhi to your special one’s house using online delivery services of various flower portals. 

Some of the most famous flowers used on specific occasions are:


People said that Carnations are known as the flowers of god. These flowers bloomed in the winter season and came in a variety of colors, having different meanings. These beauties are known to represent women’s love, beauty, pride, and fascination. The light red color symbolizes the admiration, while dark red represents deep love, especially women’s affection. Pink color carnations symbolize the Mother’s love, so it is the best gift to be gifted on Mother’s Day. The white color of these beauties represent true love and good luck; green carnations are an excellent gift for St. Patrick’s Day. Delight your mother with pink carnation flowers bouquet on Mother’s Day by sending it to the doorstep of their house using online flower delivery in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and other parts of the nation of flower portals. She will feel happy and pride in receiving it from your side on this auspicious day.


The bright white gardenia with a sweet fragrance is usually used as a wedding bouquet and also the perfect gift for the quintessential romantic. These flowers represent sweetness, love, and purity that makes them ideal for the wedding occasion. Gardenia also symbolizes the secret love and thought to say that you are lovely. So, by sending these beauties to your special ones, you can express your secret love and romance. If the wedding of your near and dear ones is coming who is living in Hyderabad, then you can send a white gardenia flower bouquet to their doorstep by order flower online in Pune from various flower portals. On receiving it from you on this particular day, they will jump with joy and happiness.


Sunflowers represent long life, good luck, adoration, and loyalty. These flowers have an appearance like the sun, which often meant happiness. It makes a great gift to brighten up the home or to cheer up a friend due to its sunny nature. These flowers are also known as a third-anniversary flower. So, send these beauties to your friend’s house on any occasion and make them feel happy and special.


The exotic beauty and unique scent of these flowers make the aura charming and flair. These flowers represent the refinement, mature charm, and thoughtfulness. The elegance and exotic beauty of these flowers make them great gifts for virtually any occasion. They are long-lasting and comes in a variety of colors. So, surprise your loved ones with these flower bouquet on any occasion and make their celebration unique and memorable.


Lilies are usually given as Easter gifts as it represents refined beauty. These flowers symbolize purity, love, amiability, unity, and femininity, so; it is also full of meaning for every occasion. Different flower color has different deep meaning like orange lily represents passion; white lily is a symbol of modesty and virginity, etc.     

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