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Features of Top Resorts in Goa

All the resorts in Goa that are at the top position have certain features in common that must be present in them. These are important for you to know if you are also planning a holiday in Goa. You deserve to be in one of the Top Resorts in Goa. While visiting the website of the resort that you are planning to book, you must check out these features before you finally confirm the booking. If you are not able to find these features it is a good idea to look for some other resorts. You will find the resort of your choice without much extra effort.


All the resorts in Candolim Gardens are very beautiful. Having a garden near the house has many benefits. Greenery makes you feel good. If you walk on green grass, it makes you feel light-hearted and happy. It also adds to the beauty of the premises. You can also take the view of the garden area from the balcony of your room. You may also so enjoy the swimming pool near the garden.

Beautiful Mornings and Evenings:

If your room is surrounded by a beautiful garden, swimming pool, and other such natural luxuries, it is not less than a treat. When you wake up in the morning and you get to see search beautiful sights, your mood will be refreshed. When you want to get relaxed in the evenings, you can take a stroll in the beautiful resort. You can walk in the garden or around the swimming pool or the garden. There is no noise pollution of cities because there is Candolim beach.

No Skyscrapers:

Candolim Beach Resorts are no skyscrapers just like expensive hotels. The setting up of a resort is not a very expensive affair as compared to a hotel. Even then a resort can easily manage to look beautiful. They are Villa like structures. Resorts can also be called as huge Bungalows. They are very beautifully designed and the influence of Portuguese culture can be easily spotted not only in the resorts but also in entire Goa. They focus on creativity instead of luxury is only. Their approach is to make a particular thing look creatively beautiful and not only fill it with luxury items.

No Expensive Façade

Usually, the façade of the hotels is very beautiful. Some expensive hotels also have the entire facade made up of glass. You will not find any of the resort with such an expensive façade but you will find the name of the resort creatively written and admired by all. You would also love the façade of most of the Resorts when you take a visit to the entire beach area. Resorts have been serving very good quality food and services due to which people like going over there again and again.

Comforting Luxury

You will get enough luxury items in Resorts also but they focus on providing comfort using the luxury items and not only the luxury items for the sake of spending money. You will get all the things for your comfort and convenience. You do not have to make any kind of compromises for pursuing everyday activities. You will get clean and branded silverware to eat food. There will be branded bathroom accessories and everything will be regularly cleaned.

Availability of Restaurant and Bar

Like a typical hotel, you will be getting a bar and a restaurant in almost every Resort with equal amenities in all the resorts of Candolim beach. The bar is going to be present after every 20 steps in Goa because of their culture. You will enjoy hard drinks and soft drinks from all the brands.

Vast Area

The area covered by a resort is so fast because there are no rooms in multi-storeyed buildings. Their structure is like Bungalows or Villas so you do not have to use the lift or climb a long staircase. Most of the Resorts have only two-story structures. If you have some problem with climbing the stairs there are old people with you, you can ask for rooms on the ground floor also.

Outdoor Games

You can also enjoy some outdoor games in which you do not harm the property of the resort. You can play Hide and Seek, and other games that can help you relive your memories of childhood in Goa.



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