Filmy or TV Industry

Filmy or TV Industry

Filmy world and Television World these two exist when we want entertainment, music, dance, romance, etc. These two has given them all efforts to make people engaged and comfortable with them  .sure, the film has had the upper hand and the more immediate financial outcomes, but more than a few times over the years, TV series have gone on to outshine the films based on the same concept. More and more people are gathering around to binge watch shows like “Game of Throne”. It’s no wrong to say that TV stars have been showing more talent than earlier, they are competing with filmy stars as well as polishing their skills.

If we talk about the comparison between them, it’s very hard to say nowadays that which one is better .if we are not so much fond of reading we don’t know most of the legends of  our country, people who  don’t read literary fiction often not recognize important people of our country, so what TV series have done they make serial based on the real-life story of those people who should know the world, TV serial try to connect us with them, new era generation don’t know the story of Ramayan and Mahabharat , they  even  don’t  show any interest to know these great creations , but TV series has made possible to create interest .

In movies what happen, the story of any person who has done a tremendous, praiseworthy  and revealing work in his life, movie could show only important things of his life due to a shortage of time , sometimes it becomes successful to draw the attention of the audience but sometimes not, in contrast to TV series are more successful in this because it  has no time boundation that's why it represents the character more deeply.TV series come on a daily basis so people attach with them and wait for the next episode India the number of housewives is more so they stay at home all the time. Tv serials are the best time pass for them most of the time “saas-bahu drama” is shown on tv and Indian women are so close with them. they get an attachment with these serials because they have no other options to spend their free time. But there are also some demerits of TV series.

It becomes sometimes boring and very long, a TV series can also be called soap operas .they are just created for selling some products. while  Movies can be called creative concept that not only entertain people but also give us something new.sometimes people get irritated with the advertisements to come across between TV serials so they prefer to watch movie without any break.basically there has been an endless debate on TV and movie, because there are a variety of people in the world so have different choices. According to the motion pictures association of America, on average, there are around 600 movies created in us every year, even though the number fluctuates. For TV, the number is much higher. For example in 2015, there was a whopping 412 original scripted series as well as a higher number of 1400 primetime shows on television in the same year.

So both have their own value, we should appreciate the work of both industry stars. They do hard work to entertain us.

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