Five Hottest Places in South East Asia

Five Hottest Places in South East Asia

Winter is approaching, and people search for warm places to enjoy their vacations. Well, their quest ends here. South-East Asia, which is close to the equator, is home to some of the hottest spots in the world. If you are looking to enjoy a warm climate, then you should go to these places. We are listing out five hottest sites in South East Asia.

Reasons to visit South East Asia

Before we continue with the articles, let's discuss the reasons why South East Asia is a popular tourist attraction.

  • The region is famous for its delicious food. This is the very first reason which makes South East Asia a famous tourist region. A country like India has a variety of flavours on the menu.
  • Transportation cost very less. The countries that fall under this region offers cheap transportation.
  • Amazing nightlife. If you want to discover a fantastic nightlife than you should know that countries in South East Asia offer fantastic nightlife.
  • The climate here is different. The climate here is neither too cold nor too hot. You can feel here a soothing environment. But summer here can be too hot because the continent is close to the equator.

1. Palodhi

The site is scorching in summer due to it's proximity to the Thar Desert. It is located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Mercury often soars over 50 degrees Celsius in summer. Due to dry winds from the Thar Desert. Climate is palatable from June to September despite rainfall from the southwest monsoon.

The place is known for betting activities notably on elections.

2. Nagpur, India

Place experiences temperatures of over 45-degree Celsius; this place is the physical hub or "centre of India."

It is famous for citrus fruits like orange and is the largest city in the state of Maharashtra. It has a tropical Savannah climate with few spells of rain. Explore north and south India with luxury train – Maharaja Express, “world-leading luxury train”. This train offers 4 itineraries covering 12 more destinations within 4 to 7 days. Check out its travel route of maharaja express train.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

The place is hot and muggy with high humidity levels, it has a tropical savanna climate. The temperature stays the same at night. It is extreme in winter with temperatures as low as 9 degree Celsius.

Bangkok is a beautiful city situated on the river banks and a tourist hub.

4. Jakarta, Indonesia

The place experiences dry weather from January to September though the temperature is around 33-degree celsius. It is located northwest of Jawa Island, and warm waters keep the temperature at bay.

It has a short winter season climate is tropical monsoon and tropical savanna type Jakarta has a diverse culture of Japanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, and India, which is reflected in the architectural marvels.

The place is also known for fruit vegetation notably apple orchids. Do you want to explore the world in a luxurious way try world’s best 10 overnight sleeper trains journey.

5. Perlis, Malaysia

Located on the northwest of Malaysia, the site is prone to hot temperature due to its proximity to the equator, which is characterized by warm weather and few spells of rain every month.

Climate type; tropical monsoon

The place is known for limestone hills and some delicious seafood.



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