FIX YOUR KIT: 5 Easy Tips in Organizing Your Cosmetics and Makeup Tools

FIX YOUR KIT: 5 Easy Tips in Organizing Your Cosmetics and Makeup Tools

Surely, it is a fun thing to buy your cosmetics, especially if it’s your favorite brand or if they’re your favorite styles! Dolling up yourself and your loved ones is truly enjoyable and exciting! Showing others your skills and passion for makeup would be fulfilling. It’s also a great kind of practice for your future plans in entering the cosmetics industry. 

So many things are important to fix, but you should never forget the basics! If makeup storage must be well, it means you should know how to arrange and organize your tools. Lots of people take their makeup storing for granted after using their tools, and it’s wrong. For you to do that properly and effectively, there are things you must keep in mind, and below are 5 of them:


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Whether you are using a box or bag, choose that which will make searching easier for you. A transparent pouch or an acrylic box will do the job! You will not need to take out all the items in your makeup container before getting what you need because with these easy-to-sight storages, you can just directly pull things out! 

When you can clearly see through the bag or box, you have a preview of the contents. In that way as well, cleaning up will take less time since you don’t have to fully check from time to time whether you have already placed this and that in there! 



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You will never go wrong with labelling your items! There are two main reasons why! 

One, you will not have a hard time looking for your stuff! If they are categorized distinctly, you will immediately and accurately know what zipper or drawer to open. It’s for you to save more time and to lessen the struggle. 

Two and most essentially, if it’s about things you apply on your skin and things that affect your health (exactly what makeup is), labels should not be forgotten. Through that, you will avoid committing mistakes of getting the wrong makeup or tools. Particularly if you just ask someone else (who is not really knowledgeable about it) to get your makeup tool for you, chances that they will not give you the proper ones are high. 



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Setting dividers or separators specifically in your makeup boxes and kits is very advantageous! You can keep your makeup tools more hygienic in that way because they do not unnecessarily mix up with each other. Also, you can put used and unused and clean and dirty tools sorted out before cleaning them. 



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It’s best to place your most often used makeup and makeup instruments in the spot most accessible to you. Do not put them in the deepest part of your makeup bag. Do not put them at the end of your cosmetics drawer. Instead, let them be the first stuff you see when you unlock and open your storage.  



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When you arrange, tidy up and organize your vanity bag, it’s the perfect time to throw out the oldest of old and broken items in it. They might be your valued objects, but learn to let go of your darlings if there’s a need for your makeup container to be more proper and easier to access. You can set them aside in a different pack but not inside your MAIN makeup container. 

If you still store the old and unused together with the new and often used tools, your bag will be full of too much stuff. Aside from that, you might be confused with what to use and you might mistakenly pick up what you should not (like the expired ones). 




Things are sometimes difficult to put in order, but with a little more effort, you can make them work out well. For your makeup and tools, it’s not always easy to clean them up as you want and need, but it’s not impossible. You just have to be wiser and more careful plus you can be more creative too. 



Nicole Ann Pore does research and combines what she gets with her own thoughts regarding people’s use of makeup and the artistry itself. Along with those, she writes about good hygiene and the skin’s health as affected by the products people expose it to. Nicole is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy, Australia’s leading beauty brand that offers a wide selection of prestige cosmetics suitable for everyone. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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