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Hard-earned, tips to use wisely

From the earliest age, we have knowledge that there is NO FREE on this earth, particularly in expensive cities in terms of most everything you must buy, turn right you must pay, turn on your left need money! Huff, it is so stressing, right? Now we found that our surroundings would not, and never adjust for us, therefore we should. Day by day we are affected by rising food prices, expensive house rents, bills here and bills there. I think to change my name into Bill, so they won't bill me 🙂 LOL.

Generally, lower class and middle-class incomes are people or families most affected. Small money drop on their palm would sometimes not afford to buy food for a meal, and it is so bad. These people may not able to read this article but those who can, may try to apply tips that we have found effective in terms of thrifty shops and being a wise consumer.


School taught human basic needs, and we learned three essential and basics to live: Clothing, food & shelter. Beyond that maybe we can tell lavishness or capacity to afford by many. Clothing is surely a basic necessity as it protects us from harm and weather. In terms of clothing, in many countries around the globe, recycling of clothes was introduced not only it saves our pockets pouring out budgets on clothing, but as well it serves as a great help to our mother nature. Textile, garments and similar, traders of brand-new commercialized clothing from piece into a stitched, was turned to speed growing recycling used clothing industry due to its high demand in both third world and rich countries. We may encounter ample online shopping websites particular on the same. Digital life innovates creative while profitable thinking of intelligent human beings by giving a second chance to billion tons of used/ unused clothing dump annually. As we are concern about spending our hard earn money wisely, we could grab this opportunity by searching online, second-hand clothing shopping sites which also offer an intensive collection of other cheap items near you! You may also search for in-store local markets where bargains and cheap prices stuff are selling. Think wisely, think twice before you fly your hard-earned money. Pre-owned clothing mostly authentically branded at a throwaway low cost that could stay with you for many more years as it is more durable compared.


Most of the local community has a private seller who sells fresh fruits and vegetables for all from there private harvest which is less commercial chemical. They far away from offers less price! Consider buying from those sellers who could help them with their means.

On the other hand, if you are nearby hypermarket, supermarkets or malls, they regularly distribute flyers for weekly sales & offers. Why not schedule your shopping spree during selected sale days and keep the food menu for a week? You may also compare multiple flyers that compete and not bad to go to each who offers less price. Schedule wisely, you may think that yes you bought an onion for 10cents per kilo, and carrots and potato for 90cents per kilo but guess what; you spend triple for your public transport or petrol as the places are not accessible! Intelligently, keeping the stems of easy to grow vegetables, keeping seeds of each and try growing your own would surely a great tip on basic and healthy meals!


Whatever terms you call it, it is the place to keep us safe from harm outside our own or rented place. There as so many arguments about which is better to own or to rent. Many of us working so so hard to own one. Many students after graduation exclaimed that they will work hard, go over time, find part-time and make more money, save money and buy a house.

Most of the progressive countries offer extensive development on real estate. Flexible payment terms like rent to own wherever offered. Many people are tempted and without studying on the pros and cons many are a trap. If you are still on the stage of planning buying a house sit and write numbers. How much are the monthly amortizations, insurance, and money matters involve? Then laid all your cards, your current expenses, where you can cut expenses and add the budget to the monthly payments of the property you wanted to acquired. After you go on numbers and you found that you currently have enough, but ask yourself until when I can keep my job or until when my job can keep me? On the realistic side you have to be broad, consider every detail aspect in your life. The scenario would vary if you are single with no obligation to your family, single but breadwinner, planning to marry, just married, have one child or more and so forth. Or maybe you have existing loans etcetera.

Only after knowing your capacity, then you decide. What if you are currently renting? Like if we are only expatriates or working abroad majority, we are only renting apartments, houses or villas!

The benefits of wise spending would undoubtedly save us from unnecessary spending. We could allocate the save funds for insurance, medical emergency, future retirement funds, help charity & more. As many say "money is not the root of happiness", but while you use it towards things or activities then feel you happy you would find joy in giving 🙂

So, what do you think readers? Give comment below if you have more suggestions on the topic. Chalo



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