Holiday on Wheels: Advantages and Disadvantages

Holiday on Wheels: Advantages and Disadvantages

Travel has undergone a distinctive change in the past decade; both in terms of destinations and mode of travel. Offbeat locations have become more popular as people feel an urge to take a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Short meaningful stays at a destination of choice is slowly becoming the norm with most people unable to get the required holidays to go on long tours with family and friends.

The hassle involved in booking tickets both for travelling by air and by railway has made people look at alternative means of travel. This has given rise to a new concept known as Holidays on Wheels wherein people travel to places from their home destination either by taking their own cars or by renting out a car of choice from a car rental agency.

Advantages of Road Trips

Travel is no longer only about staying in good hotels, having stylish meals and visiting famous monuments of that place. They have come to mean much more now. Hence there is an increased popularity for road trips since they inculcate a sense of adventure, a feeling of doing something new and different which helps create long lasting memories. Other advantages include:

  • Setting one’s own pace: There is no hurry when people go on a road trip. There are no deadlines to follow, no restrictions on the time of stay and no alarms to set. This sense of freedom is perhaps the greatest advantage of going on a road trip.


  • Discovering the unexpected: Today the meaning of travel has changed. No longer are people happy with just visiting a few monuments or briefly looking at the scenic beauty before starting off for the next destination. Now people opt to discover all aspects of a place. They like to explore all options the place has. In fact some options are explored many times. Thus there is always a chance of being able to discover something which even the travel guide might not know. This thrill of discovery is another important reason for going on road trips.


  • Rejuvenation: Daily life is now just a series of well-co-ordinated repetitive tasks done with a very hectic pace. Thus people need to set a much slower pace for holidays so that they are able to channel their inner energies, prioritize their motivational goals and aims and refresh their states of mind so as to undergo an absolute process of rejuvenation. This is only possible if one is able to absorb the finer nuances of nature and all that it has to offer. When opting for online vacation practices, this is not possible as the timeline is set by the travel agency. But when going on road trips, a person is free to explore and undergo a journey into himself, rest, re-energize and recharge oneself to face the monotony of daily life once more.


  • Meeting and understanding people: Road trips allow people to make new friends, meet new people and get a general flavor of life in that place. This makes them understand new cultures, try out new cuisines and even make new friends. Road trips also give a people a chance to know one another, to bring back friendship and romance to a relationship torn and worn under the stress of daily life and strengthen the bond much more than before. Another advantage is to meet like-minded people which can culminate into planning trips together in the future thereby enabling financial saving, having added security and coming up with innovative ideas to spend some great times together.

Disadvantages of Road Trips

Every coin has two faces and hence where there are advantages, there are bound to be disadvantages. But the encouraging factor is that these disadvantages are actually options which a person can choose to let go and find something much better which will be more conducive to the demands of the situation. Some of the disadvantages which a person opting for road trips might face are:

  • Time consuming: Driving to a destination takes a lot of time which would be much less if someone opts to avail the services of the railways or the airlines.


  • Planning and execution: The total onus of planning for a trip, booking hotels, finalizing the route, duration of stay, food and entertainment and even sightseeing has to be borne by the person opting for a road trip. People opting for both economy and luxury travel vacation packages from travel agents have all this taken care of so they are able to enjoy themselves more.


  • Finding parking space: This is a big hassle especially if the hotel one is staying at does not provide for car parking.


  • Expenses involved: Road trips are generally costlier than travelling by public transport like trains and planes. In fact even the cost of wear and tear borne by the car in the duration of the trip adds to the expenses.


  • Incremental weather: This can affect driving since in certain places like the mountains, heavy showers can trigger landslides which might take time to get cleared.

But just as every cloud has a silver lining so also people opting for road trips get to experience nature like they would never be able to when travelling by train or by air. Nature has many surprises which it withholds within itself and these surprises are found at the least expected places. Road trips enable people to experience adventure and absorb nature in a way which satisfies them and makes them happy on all levels. Thus in road trips spiritualism and physical gratification go hand in hand. The fact that one is able to go out of his comfort zone and do something which even he might not have thought possible, inculcates a certain amount of self-gratification which no travel concierge or travel agency would be able to provide.

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