How can you use guest blogging services to enhance your email list growth?

How can you use guest blogging services to enhance your email list growth?

Guest blogging is one of the safest and effective methods which will not only help you to build up your email list but also helps you in growing up the list. Guest blogging services help you reach audiences which you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Through guest blogging, you can build a strong relationship with the audience which will uplift the SEO ranking of your blog. In this article, we are going to mention how can you build up your email list through guest blogging services.

Identify the right targets for your guest post: If you choose the wrong publication hosts, you will certainly say goodbye to those potential email subscribers. First, you should identify the sites which accept guest posts on your niche. Three types of websites (company website, personal branding sites, and large media houses) usually accept guest posts from the authors. A good quality host website must have certain criteria.

  • A plethora of guidelines for accepting guest posts
  • There must be a call to action within the submitted article or in your author bio
  • The website must follow the guest post just immediately the author bio

Come up with some astonishing content idea: Once you have identified the host sites which accept the guest posts, now, you need to create some unique and amazing content for the audience. While creating content, you should keep certain things in your mind.

  • You are not only creating content for your blog’s audience. Through your blogs, you are going to address your potential future audience. So, forget your niche rather consider what topics they would love to read?
  • Your ultimate motto is to get people to sign up to your list. So, your content should be actionable and valuable so that people would love to click on it.
  • For creating content, always choose a crisp and alluring title that can catch the attention of your reader.

Send a pitch mail to convince your audience: Though this is the easiest step, still, many people find it a daunting task. A pitch mail must include the following information.

  • A catchy subject line
  • Write a couple of lines which can exhibit your potential and capabilities (you can include some personal information from your blog or your previous work)
  • Why you are writing on this topic? (Do some researches so that your audience can understand that you did some hard work to address their issues)
  • Give some proofs (you can share some social proof with your audience. You must include the links where your articles are published. This will enhance the trust factor with your audience.)

Always give a response to the comments: once your guest post has been published, never abandon it. Rather you should check it a couple of times and respond to the comments of your readers. This will certainly nurture your relationship with your audience. Once your readers will understand that you are taking care of them, they will certainly love to check you out and gradually, they will sign up to your list.

Create a compelling call to action (CTA): though most of the guest posts will allow you to create only one call to action (author bio), still, you can ask the hosts to allow you to create more than one call to action. Since the call to action is crisp and concise, so use proper words to isolate your CTA.

The above we mentioned some of the ways by which you can build up and enhance your email list through guest blogging services. But you need a solid and concrete plan to get your desired result.

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