How do I set up my Canon printer (canon ij setup) and what is the ij start canon setup process?

How do I set up my Canon printer (canon ij setup) and what is the ij start canon setup process?

Implement the regular process to Canon printer setup with various methods


No matter how much technology is going to great, the necessity of printing cannot put in the pending stage anymore. With the advancement of technology, the high preference moves toward outdated transcription methods to printing digital data streams in the form of printing. For getting the high-quality printing and dense printing solution, the Canon printer becomes a world-class computer in this digital age. Do you know the exact process of how to enjoy the required amount of printing with this device?


All of us this fact that printing work can start after enabling the connection between computer and printer. It does not matter whether you are using the recently updated operating system or the previous one. For getting the high functionality of the device, you must know how to do I setup my printer setup. There is going the provision of doing set up with the wired and wireless printer. The WPS method is used for doing Canon ij setup for wireless mode. However, high priority goes toward to use a standard method for communicating the canon printer and computer device successfully.


Let us start the standard procedure for doing the Canon ij setup with your computer regardless of any operating system. This is described in the below-mentioned list in the sequence.


  • Being the windows users, you must have to insert the CD. It will be available along with a printer and you need to run the setup. Otherwise, you can download the user’s manual for getting the authority of the respective software.
  • Having put this CD, you will go through an initial screen appearance. Now, you can go through the next option for attaining the best result.
  • After doing this, there is the high possibility that you take the following screen which asks for filling the user name and password detail. It lets you take the helper tool.
  • Once you complete the install helper, you will get the on-screen information that works has been completed more. Henceforth, you must click on the next option.
  • Next, you will get the option on your displayed screen. It is asking that your USB asks for the wireless and wired connection. You must make it a wireless connection.
  • After that, you must make sure that your canon printer is on or not. Now, you must cross-check that the power lamp is on or not. Now, you must reach the next option.
  • Now, you must click on the connect to the network button.
  • This setup process is again asking for WPS and cables method.
  • As soon as you go to do connection via cable, you can hold down the printer wi-fi button unless you go through the option that alarm lamp beeps two times. You can release it after the flash button.
  • Now, you would have to confirm this fact that your wi-fi lamp flashes quickly and there it surety to light about the green button lit.
  • Here, you would have to note one point that your connection will be temporarily disabled during setup.
  • After that, you do not get any difficulty to get the printer set up.


What is the ij start canon setup process?


Do you know the proper way how to maintain the supreme user experience of the Canon printer setup? IN case you do not aware of this thing, then you must use the comprehensive, user-friendly, desktop application tool. This is referred with the name and deep details are available in This tool smoothens the deployment and management of the cannon printer with the consideration of printer and network administration. This is a software application that lets you communicate with the printer.


Besides, it also offers the facility to display and modify your concerned network setting. The moral of the story is that this tool helps you to install viewing, the configuration of the computer whenever connected to an internet network. For taking the well-functioning of for finding the process, there is a must requirement to choose the specific model. Be it a Pixma, maxify, laser or selphy.


Let us take attention on the prerequisite for ij start canon setup


  1. Get the LAN cable and network access points. It may relate to router-based or some other methods.
  2. Now, you would have to make sure that your computer and printer are not connected.
  3. Before doing the setup process, you must have to disable the firewall and security network.
  4. The most important point is that you should sign in your computer as the administrator.


Now, we must go through what is the ij start canon setup process?


  1. The first and foremost thing is that you must open your internet browser and type the address of the official manufacturer website.
  2. The second step is that you select the canon printer model. Here, you can also select the series and model number from the drop-down list.
  3. Having dived into the document field, you must select the driver, software and firmware name.
  4. Click on add icon placed around the download menu.
  5. After that, you must select the operating system and version as well.
  6. From the list of search, you must click on IJ network device utility and locate it concerned location.
  7. In this tool, you can review the details of the product and set the preferred language as well.
  8. After that, you can click on download for completing the download process.
  9. For opening the concerning file, you would have to double click on download option.
  10. Now, you can click on run and wait for the validation process.
  11. After a while, you must follow the on-screen instruction to complete the start-canon utility tool setup.
  12. Now, you can yes option to permit the installation process. After that, you would have to ensure about cannon utility software.
  13. At last, you would have to click on install.
  14. Now, you would have to wait for the process to complete its installation and restart your computer.


After completing this process, you can go through many functions to operate work easily. Here, you can get the option to change the administration process.


How to setup or install canon printer with the help of process


There are many modes for the Canon printer setup. But, there is a high concern for reliability. Making the canon printer setup is must be on top priority with the consideration of


Let us glance over the process for doing the process of the canon inkjet printer. Let us follow the below-mentioned technique.

The first step is that you would have to take your device in the form of a laptop, desktop, and any other computing device.

  1. After that, you must open the web browser such as Mozilla, chrome and many others.
  2. Now, you would have to locate the address bar at the top of the panel. Here, you browse the site http :// and click on enter,
  3. The concerned detail would have been opened after clicking and you can get in touch with the index page. Here, you will go through many processes. Now, you need to click on the setup icon only.
  4. As soon as you enter the model number and click on the enter option. You will go through with instructions.
  5. After that, you need to do all the hardware setup.
  6. The next step is that you go through the driver setup.
  7. Now, you would have to click on the step related to the driver setup.


In case of following the above-mentioned procedure, you can get some difficulty in the Canon printer setup. You do not disappoint in retaining the fine quality result. You can connect to our third party professional team through dialing cannon support customer number. Moreover, you can dial our toll-free number for getting the soon remedy of the problem. Our technical assistance is available to you throughout the day. You can get the response of each query shortly.


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