How is the Bouzouki played?

How is the Bouzouki played?

The Bouzouki played

Are you interested in Bouzouki? Do you want to learn how to play this important instrument? The following guide is ideal for you.

First, learn different parts of a bouzouki

If you have never played or owned a bouzouki, the first and the most important step is familiarizing yourself with different parts of the instruments. Fortunately, the instrument is one of the most straightforward instruments to learn and master in terms of identifying parts. Thanks to the internet — and specifically YouTube — the process should only take an hour.

Learn how to hold your instrument

Did you know that how you handle a bouzouki while learning how to play is critical? According to a piece published in one of the leading Germany musical magazines in 2018, it is a fact that how you handle an instrument contributes to more than 20% of your learning process. As a learner, you should understand that holding the Bouzouki well is the key to better learning.

Why is holding a bouzouki critical during the learning process? First, Bouzouki — unlike most music instruments — is one of the hardest instruments to hold while playing. However, with the right holding, it is possible to play the instrument for hours. Second, the size of this instrument is smaller compared to other instruments, and therefore, you should learn how to handle it well.

Learn how to tune your instrument

Like other played instruments, tuning is an integral part of the learning process. If you fail to learn how to tune your instrument, playing the instrument may pose a lot of challenges. As a first-time player, you have the following tuning options.

First, getting someone to help you with tuning is an important leaning step. During this time, you should ask the right questions and, more importantly, pay attention to the tuning process. Second, you can also use a piano to give your instrument the perfect tuning. Thirdly, there are tons of free apps for instrument tuning. You should give these apps a trial, especially in your first days of learning Bouzouki.

If you do not learn the tuning aspect in the early days of playing Bouzouki, it will be extremely difficult to master this art later. Pundits believe that every musician must master the art of tuning their instruments, regardless of whether they are playing on a big stage or just performing for a small audience at parties.

Learn about scales

Different places have different approaches to scales. For example, in the western world, musicians treat scales different from their partners in other parts of the world. Therefore, when learning how to play Bouzouki, it is important to understand this fact. Although innovation of sound is common among musicians, overdoing scales in music is not advisable.

If, for example, you want to play western music using a bouzouki, you should understand the following facts. First, you should be prepared to use less scale and instead understands how to improvise on your sound. The opposite happens when playing eastern music.

Tips on learning bouzouki faster

Spend more time with your Bouzouki

Like all musical instruments, spending time with your instrument is one of the best ways of learning how to play. Since the instrument is not heavy, you should consider walking with it everywhere. Around the world, it is now friendly to carry music instrument — without any form of harassment.  

Watch reviews on different platforms

Watching others play Bouzouki is one of the best ways to learn. Though watching, it is easy to see how other professionals use hands and how they transition from one part to another during performances. The best thing about watching other play is that it is free and you have the option of re-watching the best parts.

Join music clubs — if any

Playing with other people is also a perfect way of learning an instrument. Thanks to Bouzouki’s fame among the new players, it is easy to find a club that has similar interests as you. Through such clubs, it is easy to perfect your skills.

In conclusion, playing Bouzouki is one of the best experiences for any musician or a music lover. Like other instruments, dedication, the drive to learn, and passion are critical. Therefore, investing in a bouzouki is an important step towards enjoying one of the most exciting instruments in the world.

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