How Much a Certified Yoga Teacher Earns? Keen Insights

How Much a Certified Yoga Teacher Earns? Keen Insights

According to a recent study, it has been found that a certified yoga teacher earns between $29000-40000 annually. Well, if you are into yoga and want to earn something similar or more by teaching aspirant yogis, it’s not bad at all to invest in a yoga teacher training program.


While we have already given a generic idea of yoga teacher’s income, Ekattva went ahead to share additional insights on yoga earnings. Below is the complete story of yoga teacher income!  


How much you can earn?


It’s hard to believe but you won’t be counting dollars as soon as you step out your yoga school with certification. There is a decent chance that at the beginning of your career as a yoga teacher, you might have to teach for free. If you are somewhat lucky, you will get an opportunity to assist a yoga instructor at a yoga school. You can earn between $10-30 per class depending on class size and time schedule.

On average, a new yoga teacher can earn between $1000-$2000 per month, depending on the number of students you are able to accomodate or find. Now that we have given an idea of monthly earnings of a new yoga teacher, let’s see some other work options where a certified yoga teacher can earn thousands of dollars while teaching yoga.


Personal yoga teacher

A newcomer in yoga teaching won’t get much offers for home tutoring but if you have a strong network & are active on social media, you can grab local tutoring opportunities. A novice yoga teacher who has completed 200 hours yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or anywhere else in the world can also build a student base by approaching local organizations like schools and companies to host classes.

Becoming a personal yoga coach can help you earn $20-40 per hour. That means if you take 3 classes a day, on an average you can earn from $2500 to $3600 per month.

Experienced yoga teacher

An experienced yoga teacher who has been teaching yoga for a few years and has built an ace reputation make a bigger monthly income. If you have earned a name in the field of yoga wellness and fitness, one guest class can help you earn hundreds of dollars. 

Getting a yoga teacher certification is easy but earning a handsome salary & building a personal name needs patience as well as perseverance which comes with time and practice. 

In addition to experience and expertise, there are also other important factors that contribute to determine your salary. Your salary also greatly depends on:

  • Number of students in your batches

  • Country where you are teaching

  • Yoga offerings (certifications, classes, etc.)

  • Marketing approach and knowhow

  • Personal expertise 

  • Tons of other things!


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This was all about yoga teachers potential earnings after completing 200 hours or 500 hours yoga teacher training certification program. If you want to become a certified yoga teacher, money shouldn’t be the only motivator. Commitment to yoga, learning, and wellness is critical as well. And in addition to that,  you need to enroll in a YTT program!

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