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How To Bring Work-Life Balance In TEFL: A Brief Overview

What Is Work-Life Balance?

Have you ever had your earphones tangled? Have you been annoyed and confused for some time during the untangling process? If yes, this confusion happens in work-life balance as well, though in a much bigger way. Work-life balance is nothing but equality between your professional and personal life.

Today, one can't sit at home as a caregiver and live with one income. So, in order to achieve good financial footing, both parents are pushed to work to reside a high-quality existence. Though dual-income families have more financial stability, maintaining work-life balance is an intimidating task. When you talk about TEFL teachers, it becomes more challenging. If we talk about TEFL teachers abroad, extended working hours to meet their financial needs is a big hurdle. When it comes to online teachers, their own home becomes a classroom where they will have to raise the kids and take classes. So, let’s take a look at the value of the work-life balance in TEFL teachers’ lives and also some good tips to enjoy a smooth professional and personal life.

Why People Choose TEFL As A Career?

You will find a massive number regarding students backpacking coming from non-English speaking nations to other countries looking with regard to better opportunities. Furthermore, English has become a global language because of the growing business possibilities between countries. English has additionally become the particular internet language because these days lots of communications happen digitally. So the need for TEFL educators in non-English talking countries has increased. So the demand for TEFL courses online has also increased. Many people get into the particular TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) career because associated with their pure enthusiasm for teaching. They might also want in order to get named the teacher. However, a few others look in it like a brief-term career chance wherein they may travel around the particular world and obtain to find out various ethnicities. Another reason why individuals enter the British teaching field will be also due to its versatility. For example, due to the high demand with regard to online English educators, you can teach through the comfort of your house without going in order to any foreign nation. Furthermore, teachers get a large number of holidays which usually matches with that will of students. The particular summer holidays plus seasonal breaks that you can get to the faculty members each year are usually also a captivation for aspiring TEFL teachers.

Downsides Of TEFL Teaching

  • When you live in a foreign region everything may seem to be to get very thrilling, but since time moves by culture, surprise hits hard with regard to some people. The particular language barrier furthermore becomes an issue while communicating. Simultaneously, some individuals really feel homesick after a few time realizing whatever norms they are subsequent in their nation are not generally accepted.
  • TEFL teachers, who reside overseas will possess to tackle various types of individuals within their workplace. Some might be local people, a few might be double your own age. So persistence and having a good open mind are extremely important.
  • Bills are really one of the particular major challenges English teachers face overseas. Sadly, it’s the thing we cannot prevent. A lot associated with them might have student loans to repay or even some might want to arrange aside some cash into saving. Because of a result, numerous individuals are pushed to reside on a tight budget.
  • Within a lot associated with cases, individuals discover it difficult in order to make new buddies mainly due in order to the language separate. Even if a person finds individuals along with your interests, they may be busy with their own career plus they have almost no time for you. Your own foreign peers might also have trouble with typically the same problems. Hence, socializing becomes a concern.

Side Effects Of Long Working Hours

Within this modern world, many individuals find work-life equilibrium is not possible feat to attain. The reason regarding spending long several hours at work is usually partly because regarding the anxiety about career loss and to some extent due to typically the advanced of economic commitment. Such folks tend to benefit 50-60 hours weekly while a regular person’s working several hours are only 40-45 several hours weekly. Unfortunately, several people do not even recognize how adversely that can affect your current mental and actual physical strength. Yet, companies also want to be to some extent blamed because of it. Business employers always want their particular organizations to accomplish even more work at a smaller cost. The shortage of manpower, in addition to the overload of constantly, causes an emergency circumstance. And thus, staff are forced to be able to work longer several hours. Unless you maintain a work-life balance, it can drain you both mentally and actually and can cause a long-term impact on your health such as sleep deprival, anxiety and depressive disorders, high-risk patient for cardiac diseases, bad untimely eating habits can cause malnutrition.

Importance Of Work-Life Balance For Expat TEFL Teachers

Everything begins at home. Controlling your home plus looking after your kids are some associated with the numerous tasks a person have to care for as an operating parent. Your family members should always become the best priority. Yet it does not mean that will it should become your only concern. As a working parent, you may also be worried about your job safety. This is where the concept of work-life balance comes.

As a TEFL teacher, mostly you will be teaching young students and you need to stay motivated in the classroom. So giving importance to professional life is also very important in order for you to remain pleasant throughout the day. This will also help you to stay positive and more productive. The more positive the classroom means the less stressed the school environment will be. TEFL teachers have the separation of home and work compared to online teachers, though commuting might be an issue. But if the job is so stressful that it forces you to choose between family and work, it would be advisable you choose the family. The reason is, it would be easier to find a second job than a second family.

Importance Of Work-Life Balance For Online TEFL Teachers

Educating English online is surely an industry that has been there for years. But now as a result of coronavirus outbreak, virtually all are pressured to do distance learning and now it may be a thriving business. When your home turns into a class, managing the family unit duties, raising kids, and teaching students can become a challenging task. So, you should put tremendous hard work in order to achieve a powerful work-life balance. As face-to-face communication is practically impossible being a remote employee, you need to set up extra effort to boost human relationships between you and the scholars. Long working hours and over-exerting will surely have major influences on your health mentally and literally. Mental medical issues, panic, depression, and sleeplessness are considered to be some of the key issues between many TEFL teachers. Effective work-life balance also can build strong human relationships at a personal and professional life.

Tips For Maintaining Work-Life Balance

1: Don’t Be A Perfectionist

2: Make Your Workspace At Home

3: Indulge In Any Hobbies

4: Realise The Importance Of Exercise And Meditation

5: Avoid Toxic And Loquacious People

6: Learn To Say No

7: Avoid Mixing Personal And Professional Activities


Once you spend time together with your loved kinds, your home becomes a new paradise. But from the same moment in today’s planet, it’s really crucial to be successful in your specialist life. Maintaining a new work-life balance is usually very important regarding TEFL teachers since teachers are constantly a motivation regarding the student.






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