How to Ensure that Your JCB Runs A Full Long Life in Optimum Condition

How to Ensure that Your JCB Runs A Full Long Life in Optimum Condition

As manufacturers of premium quality JCB spares parts, we at Seetech know a thing or two about keeping a JCB fit and running all the time. We strive had to ensure that the JCB spare parts we sell from our stores are all of top-quality and are in excellent working conditions. But they won’t stay so far long periods if they don’t get a little caring from you. As huge as the machine is, it doesn’t take a lot of high work maintenance to get it going day after day. We would love to share the secrets that we know so your machine could keep on digging gold for you.

1. Fluid levels
The JCB, much like a man, runs a lot on its fluids. It has its coolant fluid, the hydraulic oil, the engine oil, the water coolant, the brake fluid, the torque converter oil and the transmission oil to say so. All these fluids have to be kept at their optimal and maximum levels for the machine to work well. A fall in the levels of any of these will lead to wearing off of parts. There is also the washer bottle of a JCB which needs to be kept full at all time. Remember to never re-use engine oil more than necessary. Every one of these requires routine checks and refills for the machine to work well.

2. Filter check
Wherever there are fluids involved, there is also the need to check fluid quality. You can be sure of what kind of oils you use in the but there are filters inside the machine that may need cleaning and dusting from time to time.

The fuel filter needs to be cleaned of any water or dirt content it may accumulate over time. And so does the air filter and the radiation grill.

When dirt accumulates on the radiation grill or an oil cooler matrix, it can lead to overheating of the engine. These are major individual parts which cannot be replaced with JCB spares and needs to be checked on regularly.

3. Lubrication
As said, a JCB is a machine which requires a lot of fluids. One important fluid is grease. Never hesitate when it comes to applying grease on every single one of the moving parts of a JCB. For a friction-free working and long life of the parts.

Apply copious amounts of grease into the parts such mentioned below:
(i) Steer axle yoke pivot.
(ii) Kingpins and bushes.
(iii) Hubs (2WD only)
(iv) Track rod ends.
(v) Universal joints (4WD only)
(vi) Steer ram grease nipple.
(vii) All pivot pins.
(viii) Propeller shaft 4WD.
(ix) King post and carriage.

The proper way to grease a propeller shaft is to do it all the from the gearbox to the rear axle. It is best to apply grease to propeller shafts on 4 wheel drive JCBs. Similarly, regular greasing of the extending dipper is also recommended.

In addition to the above measures, one has to check for any possible leakages in the various parts. Radiators and the fuel system are the most probable regions for leakage to occur. Thorough cleaning of the battery terminal also keeps the JCB healthy. Any corroded part can be washed with a mixture of baking soda and water. One also has to check up on the tire pressure for optimal running on all grounds.

It is easy to buy off JCB spares and replace JCB parts but it takes good care to ensure that even those spare parts work well for longer periods.


We are in the business of manufacturing JCB Spare parts; the only factor that truly counts is our customer satisfaction. Seetech has been transformed with the vision focused on the construction equipment industry for the high-quality parts and substitutes for imported products to the Indian market.

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