How to Export MBOX to PST File Without Losing Data

How to Export MBOX to PST File Without Losing Data

The MBOX file is supported by more than 20 desktop email applications such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Powermail, Opera Mail and more. Due to work-requirements, many users must use MBOX files in Microsoft Outlook email client. MS Outlook has many features that are quite advantageous for businesses, as well as the idea that Outlook is better than it’s MBOX counterparts. However, for accessing MBOX files in Outlook, users need to change the MBOX to PST file format.

Why Prefer MS Outlook over MBOX email clients?

Before heading to the conversion process, it is best to understand the various advantages that PST holds over the MBOX file format.

> PST files stores various data types

MBOX only saves email messages and attachments. Also, generally each mailbox folder may have a corresponding MBOX file. But, PST stores emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and more of an entire account in a single file.

> Advanced file format

PST files are considered to be way more advanced than its MBOX counterparts based on the encoding schemes used. Because the MBOX file is pretty generic and saves emails sequentially.

> Connectivity with Office suite and Exchange

Microsoft Outlook is designed to be in perfect sync with other Office products including Exchange. It can also work in offline mode without Exchange or Office 365 connectivity.

> Better email management & security features

MS Outlook incorporates highly effective data management capabilities thus providing users with more control. Microsoft also provides regular updates to strengthen the security features of Outlook for email and attachments.

A simple way to convert MBOX to PST

Each email client uses its version of MBOX files, like Thunderbird uses without extension MBOX, while Apple Mail opts with extension, and Opera Mail further changes the MBOX files into .mbs format. Thus, a solution that can support them all can be quite hard to find.

Also, MS Outlook does not provide any option to import MBOX files which further complicates this scenario. Therefore to be able to access the MBOX files in Outlook, users require to convert MBOX to PST. And the reliable way to do that is by using SysTools MBOX to PST Converter. It easily converts multiple MBOX files into Outlook PST without losing data. A simple 4-step process ensures a simple yet secure conversion in the least possible time.

Quick 4-Step Process to Import MBOX Files in Outlook

1. Launch SysTools MBOX to PST Converter and add the MBOX files into it.

run mbox converter

2. Preview all the MBOX emails and attachments in the required view mode.

view email and attachments

3. Choose PST as the export type and generate single or separate PST as per requirements.

choose pst as export type

4. Now Import the PST files into MS Outlook with native Import/export option.

import the pst file in outlook

Important Note:

Do not forget to download the free version of the converter software to get used to its working. This free tool enables exporting of 25 emails per folder to the PST format. However, you can preview all the emails and attachments without any problem.

A Look at Features of MBOX to PST Converter

This tool supports the conversion of multiple MBOX email clients data into UNICODE PST files. Thus, making it a versatile solution with the capability of converting Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail MBOX archive, Eudora, Opera Mail, and 16 other email applications. All of this without losing a single email attribute. Some other features are shown below:

  • Carry out safe and secure MBOX to PST conversion without any alteration of data.
  • Perform both batch and selective conversion based on requirements.
  • Dual options to add mailbox data in software interface: automatic fetching, manual MBOX import.
  • Preview the emails and attachments of all the added MBOX files in 8 different modes.
  • Supports MBOX of 20+ email applications as well as services like Google Takeout, Backupify, etc.
  • Retains every aspect of MBOX emails: headers, formatting, inline images, attachments, etc.
  • Preserves folder structure and provides a feature to split large files into smaller ones.
  • Generates Unicode PST that can be easily imported into MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2007, 2003.


MS Outlook has established itself as the de-facto email client in the industrial arena. And after analyzing the various benefits it provides, MBOX email clients look to switch to Outlook. But lack of any direct method hinders this email migration. Thus, in this article, we focussed on one of the most trusted software solutions i.e., SysTools MBOX to PST Converter. If you still have any queries regarding the given solution, just post it in the comment section below. And I will get to you in the shortest time possible.


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