Wedding floral walls are now in the trend. Couples love to have beautiful backdrops with creative art pieces. They not only make your whole venue look good but add more character to the place. You can even create an inexpensive do-it-yourself flower wall project to add your touch and style in it. Or can hire trendy floral walls at affordable prices.

If you wonder why you should go for a floral wall at your wedding then don’t consider it as a decorative piece only. Your guests can take pictures, even you and your spouse can take pictures and remember this big day for your whole life. These large flower walls are not decorated traditionally but they come in a variety of designs.


Creating a floral wall sounds easy but it’s intricate especially when it comes to creating it on your own. There are a lot of steps that you have to follow. If you do it right then you can create one on your own but if not then there’s a whole new procedure that you have to follow. 

For DIY projects you have to gather fresh blooms if you are going to create one. Along with that, you have to decide on a theme that will help you work accordingly.

Juxtapose, if you want to go for hiring a floral wall than you better look for an affordable supplier. In this scenario hiring is an economical option that allows you to make your wedding look super fancy. Hiring a floral wall is an inexpensive way to get a beautifully customized wall. The experts will create an aesthetic wall by adding delicate flowers and twigs to make it more attractive. Also if you want them to add more modern or classic touches, they can do that. You can get a customized floral wall at your venue or doorstep within due time.

Here are some floral wall ideas that you can look up to:


Colorful carnations are cost-effective and best alternatives to high-cost buds or flowers. You don’t have to spend extra on buying colorful flowers and customize the floral wall. All you need to do is ask the supplier to make it fancy. Also, try to use carnations in a pattern of colors from bold to light and dull to vibrant shades.


You can never go wrong with greens. Fresh green twigs, flower springs or huge green centerpiece on the floral wall can make a huge difference. It will also add a classic touch to your floral wall. A lot of people go with colorful carnations that makes the theme look beautiful. It goes well with the colors, attires and even the decoration.


Geometrical designs look more minimal on floral walls. They add a modern touch to your wedding. People mostly prefer modern styling when it comes to the wedding. From flower selection to fine catering, everything is done by keeping the modern essence in mind. Modern styling like geometrical designs and other abstract art gives a minimal touch to your floral walls.


Tulips are pretty affordable as they are available the whole year. They are beautiful, shiny and just aren't available certain times of the year so you can get them whenever you want. It’s ideal to get them in bulk and add a bunch of them. Also, you can go with curl twigs as they are perfect to compliment them. Twigs will add a more rustic touch to it.


If you haven’t seen the floral walls with single blooms then you are surely behind the trend. Colorful walls with modern and artistic decorative pieces with single blooms are in fashion. You don’t have to add bunches of flowers or overfill the wall with flowers to make it look congested. But sometimes less is more and it brings more uniqueness. So if you go with single blooms, it will bring a pop of color and reflect simplicity.


If you are a fan of the pre-fall wedding then autumn must be your favorite season. Now, you don’t have to wait till autumn to create a pre-fall styled wedding but you can simply recreate it whenever you want. From your dress code to all the decorations, it’s easier for you to do it. If you imagine how then look for a trust floral supplier and DIY the whole decoration. Or, look for floral wall suppliers and hire walls by sharing your ideas about it.


By using the word bouquet means you can customize the flower wall similar to the flowers you used in making bouquets. Whether you go for a fancy bouquet with organic roses or expensive seasonal carnations, bouquet themed floral walls are always in fashion. You can even go for pastel shades to make them look classy and sophisticated.


For a sophisticated and modern wedding, nothing is better than peach and white carnations. Your floral wall with look amazing with the light and royal florals. You can even go for green twigs and pink roses to match your style. Or you can ask your supplier to add all the details for you.


Something free space in your floral wall can make it look so minimal and empty. If being simple is not your style then you can ask your suppliers to add clustered art pieces in your flower wall. They’ll not add a more stylish tone to the floral wall but it will make it look fancy and artistic.


To get an inexpensive floral wall, DIY is not the only option to get it, but you can look for a trusted and affordable supplier in the market. And what’s better than Floral Essence Flower Wall to help with Wedding Hire Gold Coast and more places. They offer fully customized flower wall that adds more character to your wedding.

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