How To Give A Fantastic Full Body Massage?

How To Give A Fantastic Full Body Massage?

Here are some tips for an excellent full body massage.

Turn off the computer, release the phone and install the lamp. Light scented candles and gentle music. Take along some soft sheets or towels - one for your workplace and one for your "customers". This is important because when massaging the skin, blood flows into the skin and the blown jet warms the skin. Cover the area that has been massaged to prevent it from cooling down. Since all kinds of chemicals enter the body when working with muscles, many people are thirsty after the massage and need some water.

* Make sure you only manicure greenwich he muscles - do not stretch the skin and do not dig bones and organs. Remember that the massage is intended for the muscles under the skin and not for the skin itself

* Massage large muscle groups of the body, mainly the neck, back, shoulders and legs. So you are next to a good massage in an area that builds up tension in the body.

* Use hard, even pressure, not too hard or strong. Too light or uneven pressure can be just as uncomfortable as too much.

* Always use lubricants to prepare and protect your skin.

1. Begin massaging the entire body on the shoulder, massaging the muscles and pulling gently.

2. Work with thumbs and fingertips on shoulders to neck to relieve muscle strain. Cross the upper back and lower it. Take care of your nails!


3. Lower each arm one at a time to find the anterior and posterior muscle groups and gently knead it. When you reach your hand, use your thumb to work in the palm of your hand. Do not forget the other hand!

4. Return to the upper back and move your thumbs and fingertips toward the centre of the back to move away from the centre and push up.

5. Keep working until you reach your hips.

6. Massage the muscles of the thighs and buttocks until the calves open with both hands.

7. Go to the foot, start at the heel and hold it down, press on the foot, then down and left to right. Work with your thumb in the lower part of the foot with low and slow pressure and with footballs and between your toes. If you fall asleep, you are fine!

A full body massage really helps a person feel more flexible, relaxed, flexible and relaxed. It is easy to do a great body massage if you have the right tools and know the right methods.

What do you need

However, make sure you have the right equipment before you start. These include a massage chair, oil, creams, candles and any other desired decoration.

The atmosphere is very important if you want the person to be as calm and relaxed as possible. This is important if you want to give it the best massage results. You need to make sure they are as free and convenient as possible. It is therefore recommended to bring soft towels or a drink.

Start with the massage

Now that you are ready, you can start with a full body massage. First, you want to remove a person and lie on the table. Pour a little oil into your hand and rub your hands to warm the oil before applying it to the skin. You want to start with slight movements on both sides of the neck, then stroke them to the temples and rub them slightly.

Then you want to walk on your shoulders to massage your whole body, where you can knead a little harder. Always use circular movements to the outside, then move along the sides of the spine and press lightly again. Now, you want to start with your hands, starting with the triceps. Lightly shave your elbow and rub your forearm in a circle.

One of the last areas you need to focus on during a full body massage is the area of   your legs. It is best to massage your legs starting with the muscles of the thigh of one leg, working hard, then lifting the other leg, then repeating it.

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