How To Give Sensual Massage To Your Partner

How To Give Sensual Massage To Your Partner

If you want to make your partner the happiest in case of physical attachment then essential massage is something that you should look for. The diamond of sexual pleasure is something but sensual massage takes to another level which makes it very desirable and it also helps to build the connection between two people. So be it your anniversary or definite or special occasion of your life you may engage yourself into some sensual massage and have the best night of your life.

About sensual massage

A sensual massage doesn't mean physical pleasure only but it very much dependent on psychological pleasure. It also helps to unlock your mind by releasing the stress from your body. It activates the nerves and helps to make you feel exotic and with erotic massage, you will belong to another different place where you will find nothing but the pleasure that you are enjoying at that moment.

Everyone can give a sensual massage with the proper methods. Begin with the basics and learn sensual massage along the way. If you take some time to give your partner some extra special interest, you’ll enjoy each massage a lot more. If you are the giver or the receiver, a sensual massage can be a fantastic way to relax, romance and attach with your partner.

How to prepare for the best sensual massage for your partner

You just cannot have a sensual massage station with your partner without having some preparations. There are a lot of things to do which will make it more memorable and enjoyable.

Prepare the set

In order to enjoy something erotic and sensual, you need to prepare a perfect environment for it. You cannot just have it as your regular habit. You have to make a pleasing atmosphere that will be suitable for an erotic massage station. You will do it in your regular bedroom for your living room but I need to keep some things in mind to create the set. Andrew has to be very clean and you need to keep clean bed sheets and lots of cushions and pillows to be comfortable. You would also require a lot of scented candles not only to make the room smell good but also to lighten it up.

The lighting of the room has to be very calming and pleasing. They shouldn't be in bright light or anything that should distract you or your partner from the main concern. If you do not like candles in fairy lights should do the work. You can also add some flowers if you like. Another important thing about the setting is the temperature of the room. The temperature needs to be very balanced; it cannot be too hot or too cold. You need to make the environment as much comfortable as possible.

New some oils or lotion for massaging

The main part which is the message has to be done very smoothly and comfortably. For that, you should prepare some warm oils or lotion. You can use any kind of carrier oils like olive or avocado or Grapeseed oil or sweet almond oil. Additionally, you can add some essential oils of your choice. Lavender is regarded as the agent of calming your senses.

Lavender is one of the best elements for releasing your stress level so it would be very evidence for you to use essential oils like lavender or chamomile or eucalyptus essential oils. For lotion, choose any of your requirements but you need to keep the ingredients in mind and then you should buy according to your choice.

Using the soft and caring touch

The motto of a sensual massage is to target and provoke your senses and that will reflect on your overall health of body and mind. You are not here to show the skilled massage that is being done at a massage parlor or therapist. Another best thing about special buses is that you do not require in kind of skill to obtain this message. Just a lot of love and caring will do the work. You need to keep in mind that the word essential means teasing all the senses of the body and the mind and when you are engaging in this kind of erotic massage session, you know that both the person will be benefited from it. You cannot be Harsh but you need to use a lot of soft touches to the body of your partner so that with the strokes of your hand the love and caressing would shower.

Communicate with your partner

You need to constantly communicate with your partner whether the pressure is perfect at places or not. There are parts when it is very sensitive so you need to be very careful there. it is always good to check on your partner and give his or her opinion while you are providing and exciting massage. As you are not a specialist you should always check on your partner where he or she is enjoying or not.


You should not rush when you are providing a good erotic massage to your partner as the softness and small strokes of your hand are the base of a good sensual massage. When you are giving massage your partner must be on his or her back. Starting from the head, neck, throat, shoulder, back, but you should gradually come to the front and you can only go to the genitals at the end of the massage session. As the principle of this massage is to encourage your senses, you should do it at every part of the body and by this constant and encouragement of the senses the genital section should come at the last.

For both men and women, this part is the most sensitive part for any kind of sexual activity as we know and for sensual massage also this is the best please where you can provide the ultimate level of satisfaction to your partner. That's why you need to build up the sensuality with other body parts in the beginning and then you should come to the genitals at the last. Love to play with it the way it seems that you never want to stop.

Shouldn’t rush for the climax

To make your station memorable and everlasting you need to be very patient and you shouldn't rush for the climax. A lot of people make the mistake of rushing to the climax but sensual massage is all about enjoying every bit of it and not only does it release the senses but it also provides an immense amount of pleasure for both the partners.


I am certified in Massage Therapy and have recently completed a Tantric massage trainers course taking mine on a personal journey of evolution and enlightenment. I am caring, intuitive, positive, and creative, and has a host of tools to help you reconnect with yourself or your partner through relaxation, sensual & tantric massage. I have focused the last five years of my life on helping people increase their capacity to receive and feel pleasure through touch and massage.

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