How to install a door lock set?

How to install a door lock set?
Installing a new door lock set is the first thing any homeowner thinks of when moving to a new home. In other cases, you may want to change the existing lock system as an added security layer for your home. This piece explores ways of installing locksets and more importantly — what to avoid during the process.

Remove the existing lock set — if it is not a new home

Removing the existing lock set is one of the most important steps in installing a new door lockset. In this process, you need a couple of tools. One of the tools in this process is a good firm, screwdriver. Most locks have standard screws, and therefore, no special screwdriver is necessary.

The process of unscrewing the old lock should take less than 30 minutes. Although the process is self-explanatory, it is critical to use the manual in the process. Different locks have different makes and procedures. In case of difficulties in the process, it is important to consult a professional locksmith for assistance.

If the door is new, start by cutting new bores

Unlike the previous process, cutting new bores is technical and requires one to be extra careful. First, you must have the right tools for this process. Luckily, there are many tutorials on tools for different woodworks. Improvising in this process is also accepted as long as it does not jeopardize the expected results.

Most locks-making companies pack new locks with locks manuals on how to cut the new door. The process in this step should take less than 30 minutes. However, there are some pointers that you must appreciate during this process. First, your safety is paramount in the cutting new holes process. Second, you should not make any mistakes — all mistakes in this process are pricey.

Install the new lock on the wooden door

Installing the wooden door is the final step in this important process. The success of this step is, however, dependent on the previous processes. Like the first process, you need to have a good screwdriver and screws. Most companies pack new locks with screws. If the lock did not come with special screws, constant a professional for assistance.

After installing the new door lock, you should do the following. First, you should check if the look is properly placed and more importantly if it is firm. Second, you should ensure that the new lock system is easy to use. In most cases, difficulties in terms of usage signify one thing — the lock was not installed properly.

Should you hire a professional to install a lock system?

Although most lock systems are easy to install, the results are not similar to those of a professional locksmith. Hiring a professional solves the following problems.

First, some locks require special tools in the installation process. Lack of these special tools affects the final results and therefore jeopardizing your home security. However, a professional has access to tens of tools, and the tools help the specialists to install the systems well — with zero error chances.

Second, a professional has a better understanding of which type of a lock system is ideal for which door. This information is important in two ways. It helps you as a homeowner to save money, and more importantly, it is vital in creating a strong security system for your home.


In concussion, the installation process can either be complex or simple depending on the above factors. As a homeowner, you have endless options regarding installation. If the DIY approach is your process of choice, you should understand that it may have its share of shortcomings — such as security incompatibility. 

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