How to Level Up Using Gym Management Software

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How to Level Up Using Gym Management Software

With smartwatches and other wearable devices, digital transformation entered a while ago in the fitness sector. But, it is not limited to the individuals as the gyms and fitness centres also have to move to digital technology for higher efficiency and effective management.  

Looking at how technology can help in multiple areas of their business, many gym and sports centre owners show a great interest in incorporating new technologies to their organization.

Today, gym management is a task that requires not only continuous planning but also a high capacity for leadership and a constant desire for improvement and tools that help to carry out correct execution.

Therefore, the industry has been including new methods that make data collection and information processing easier and more efficient. We are talking about gym management software, which helps these centres increase the performance of their workers, build loyalty and attract new members.

In a world where digitalisation has been gaining ground and permeating all areas of our daily lives, the fitness sector could not be remained untouched. In fact, the use of management software has been spreading both in large sports centres and in small boutique gyms. Having seen how the facilities of the sports centres were filled with machines connected to the Internet and 3D body scanners, technology has continued to advance, creating new mechanisms to be applied and put into operation in the gyms.

Advantages of gym software

Some companies use manual methods or basic software programs, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Drive, to carry out their tasks. If this is your case, you may be wondering if it is really worth buying special software for the management of your gym. The answer is yes. And there are many solutions that currently exist in the market and have been specially designed to meet the needs of different types of companies.

It can be a great support to manage the customer experience and to know for sure what kind of relationship they have with your centre. It is instrumental in maximizing our business. But in addition, integrating technology into our gym facilitates the exchange of information with the user, helps us carry out proper management of our gym and improves the productivity of the entire team of professionals working in the club/gym.

Save time on administrative tasks: Gym management software helps us save time on repetitive tasks, such as manual data entry. In this way, we can have more time to devote to other more important and productive tasks.

Integration between applications: Instead of using several separate systems that are not connected to each other, you can use a single software that allows you to optimize all the applications you need in one place. This will facilitate the creation of complete reports and avoid entering duplicate data.

Increase revenue:Thanks to its promotions and marketing features, we can better position our gym to attract new ones and encourage those we already have to participate in our classes, hire our services and use our facilities.

Improve data security:Fitness centres often store a large volume of information about their members, some of them as sensitive as bank cards. Many gym management programs have encryption systems and other security features to avoid problems in cases of loss or theft.

Improve customer experience: Online forums and platforms allow members to interact with each other whenever they want, which will undoubtedly help enrich their experience in the gym, increase their satisfaction and make it more likely that keep up with us all year.
Functions that your gym management software must have

Keep in mind that, currently, we can find a wide variety of gym software that offer different advantages and benefits, so it is essential to know how to distinguish between them and choosing the option that suits us. Therefore, we give you some tips, so you know what features are crucial in gym management software.

Billing and administration system

The management of issuance of invoices, cash and accounting of income and payments must be considered in this section of the system. It is vital that this issue is controlled very well and that the management is carried out with PDF and Excel compatible systems so that we can create reports and know the status of the box at all times to check if the objectives of billing.

Access controls

It is advisable that gym check in software offers information about the number of times our clients access the gym, as well as the busiest hours and the activities that are most successful. This data will enable you to offer personalized services to your gym members, adapting them to your goals and needs.

Membership Management System

Your computer program should allow you to perform all those actions that have to do with renewals, the registration of new members, the cards and the printing of accreditations quickly and intuitively. Otherwise, all you will get is that they end up queuing at the office or at the reception of your gym. Having a good manager to help expedite these procedures will make day-to-day activities at your gym easier and make the experience of your members improve considerably.

CRM and online sports services

Having a CRM that allows synchronizing the database and the data of the partners to be able to plan digital marketing campaigns and have KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will make the work of the staff much more manageable and, at the same time, will increase the chances of success of your campaign. In addition, it is interesting that the software incorporates secure payment applications for the reservation of targeted activities or tracks.

Marketing and promotions

Gym management software helps automate marketing campaigns, taking care of class scheduling and event coordination, while handling customer data and payment processing. Therefore, these systems have become very popular among fitness centres.

They allow you to create points and credit systems through loyalty campaigns, offer discounts and gift cards, automate email marketing and SMS campaigns, and publish notifications on social networks for both your current clients and potential clients to see.

Support and training

Your management software must offer excellent customer service, training and support so that your team learns to use it correctly and get the best performance out of it.

The best gym management software

Easy Gym Software

It is the leading gym management tool in India. It is a trainer and member management platform in the cloud designed for class instructors, personal trainers, fitness clubs and gyms. It allows users to plan sessions, training according to their clients' needs, being able to share the information on their preferred devices, set training objectives and check the progress from the results obtained. It includes almost all the functions that we have discussed in the above paragraphs.