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How to pack like a pro

If you are moving soon, you should already know that packing is one of the most important tasks and it takes a lot of time. If items are not packed properly, they can be damaged. So, how to pack like a pro and have organized moving boxes? It is easy to pack, you just need tips and tricks.

To pack like a pro – start on time

The first thing you should know about packing is that you should start on time and make a schedule. If you are hiring home renovation builders, you also need to pack your items. If you are moving, you must pack your items. Don’t wait until the last moment to start packing your home for relocation!

You can create a checklist (packing timetable), so you won’t forget anything. Most people start about 2 months before moving, with packing. But it depends on how many items you have to pack and how big your home is.

Ask for help

Why you need help to pack items?

  1. Packing is emotional, so having a friend near you to help you decide what should you move and what items should stay. You will probably want to pack your entire home, but keep in mind that moving costs depend on the size and weight of your items. In order to pack like a pro, ask friends for help.
  2. Packing is hard. It is not easy to lift and carry large and heavy items. You will need a couple of strong friends to help you pack those items. If they can’t help you, you must hire professionals. A company Gibraltar Van Lines is one of the companies that may help.

a graphic of two movers packing vases into boxes

First, sort and purge

Before you start packing, sort and purge. Moving and packing are one of the best opportunities for you to get rid of clutter and unnecessary items. This way you will have a more affordable move.

Know what to pack and how many boxes you need, and time to finish everything. Broken items, throw away, if something is in good shape, donate it. Many people organize a yard sale, it is fun, and you can earn some money for your relocation.

Collect enough packing material and supplies

After decluttering and before packing, you should collect enough moving boxes and other materials for packing, such as air bubble foil for wrapping.

You can get moving boxes for free in supermarkets, for example, or to ask friends if they have some. Besides that, you will need packing peanuts and quality tape. If you are moving on short notice, you probably won’t have time to collect everything. But you can use newspapers for packing and use items you already have in your home.

Pack room by room

When the time for packing comes, you should pack room by room, starting from the room you don’t use often. In most cases, it is a garage or a basement.

First pack items you don’t use right know and off-season items such as Christmas decorations. In the end, pack items you use often. To pack like a pro, you will need time and patience. Be focused on one room at a time and you will be more organized as well as your boxes.  

Don’t cut corners when packing fragile items

Packing fragile items is a delicate job. There are some tips that will help you pack them right.

  • Don’t use old moving boxes, for breakables you will need new and firm ones.
  • Use enough air bubble foil to protect your stuff.
  • Don’t overpack boxes that contain glass.
  • Don’t save time and material when packing fragile items.

If you are not sure how to pack properly, and you think you need help with your NJ relocation and packing, get help. Professionals will know where to start, how to pack al the items, not only fragile, and you won’t worry.

Label all moving boxes

After packing each box, label it on the top of the box and on at least one side. It is essential, no matter if you are moving a house or it is a business relocation.

Especially label boxes with fragile items or antiques. If you will hire a moving company, all the workers need to know if there if something breakable when loading and unloading them to/from a moving vehicle.

Labeling is important when unpacking boxes. You will unpack faster when you know what is inside without opening every single box.

several boxes packed, but without labels, not something you should do if you want to pack like a pro

Don’t overpack boxes

If you overpack moving boxes, they will be very heavy, and you cannot lift them. Also, what is more important, they will break, and your items will fall. If you are renting a car when moving, you should carry boxes with valuable items and documents with you.

Pack essential box

Don’t forget to pack an essential box. What is it? It is a box you will open first after moving, and maybe during relocation too.

  • Pack snacks and water, for the entire family, and pets, if you are having them.
  • You will need clothing for a couple of days.
  • Toiletries, makeup, hair products if you are using them every day.
  • Non-perishable food, you can prepare easily
  • Linens, pillows, and blanket

A packed bag on the floor

If you want to pack like a pro, pack an essential box for the entire family and pets too. It is a box that will save you after moving. It is possible to pack with ease and like a pro, at the same time. With this simple guide, you will.



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