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How to Scan a Photo with FlashScan in 3 Easy Steps

How to scan a photo with FlashScan in 3 easy steps? Do you think your work becomes more complicated and tiresome when you need to scan the same documents for 3-4 times just to achieve accurate clarity? FlashScan -a document scanning app will save you from all your professional scanning problems.

Being ranked as one of the best document scanner apps of 2020, FlashScan is a pocket-sized handy scanning expert. Scanning is way more easy, sharp, and clear with this PDF scanner.

The three-step scanning of FlashScan is very easy to perform. But before jumping on to the steps let's first see why you need FlashScan?

Why Should You Use A Document Scanner App Like FlashScan?

Scanning is a daily task for professionals. Using a scanner is good but currently, when most of us are working from home, we need a portable solution that is quick and easy to carry.

FlashScan is not only the fastest scanning app but also simple and time savvy.. When you scan your documents or photos with this photo to PDF app for Android you get way more time and energy saved for your core business task.

Which Documents Can You Scan With Android PDF Scanner?

Right from the old photos to the official files, everything can be scanned with the document scanner app.

Papers you can scan with The FlashScan scanner app 

  • Different types of documents,Identity cards and formal papers.

  • Office/Business invoices, important contracts, various bills, and vouchers.

  • Scan every type of receipts, letters and even books!

  • Useful articles, important certificates, and business cards are easy to scan. 

  • Old photos, albums, etc

Three-step Scanning Process Of FlashScan To Scan A Photo

Do you want to scan your old photo with FlashScan? It's as easy as a three-step walk. Let's see the process of scanning with FlashScan.

Step 1: Organize all your old photos and documents that you want to scan with this photo to PDF Android app. Before starting the actual scanning when you keep all your documents and photos handy and organized you can achieve a perfect one-go scanning without forgetting anything.

Step 2: FlashScan uses your cell phone's camera to take pictures of the document which you want to scan. Adjust your old photo properly and take a good clear click.

Step 3: You can crop and adjust the clicked image before processing the actual scan. You can rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise if needed. Apply SCAN and your photo will be scanned in no time!

Sometimes your device camera is not good enough to take clear pictures. However, once you are done with scanning and you are not satisfied enough with results you can re-scan again. From the app level, you will get nothing but the best only. Download FlashScan document scanner app.

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Features Of The Android PDF Scanner- FlashScan

The newly launched FlashScan is starting to become popular for its top-notch features and accurate scanning performance. Let's take a good look at its features.

Core Scanning Features

Document scanning is a core feature of FlashScan.Take a bird-eye-view of its primary functionalities.

1. Document Scanning-

Every type of document is scan-able with FlashScan. It generates high-resolution scans in no time. It clears the background noise and focuses more on achieving sharp and accurate scans.

2. QR/Barcode Scanning-

FlashScan is a one-stop scanning solution. Once you install this app you can scan QR and Barcodes also.It produces clear and high-quality QR and Barcode scans.

Additional Advantages Of PDF Maker For Android

Why should you settle for less when you can get many more advantages along with this smart app? Here are the added features of FlashScan.

  • FlashScan offers an intuitive OCR that is a master text extractor. It recognizes text clearly and furthermore, users can save it as plain text or a text file.

  •  You do not need any translation source while you use FlashScan's OCR. It translates the recognized text from English to other languages.

  • The after scan treatment with various filters make FlashScan one of a kind scanning application. Grey Mode, Magic Colors, Black & White 1,2 are professional filters that give your scan specialized treatment.

  • Users can save themselves from the digital mess with Sort By feature. They can sort document category wise.

  • Users have the option to share the scanned results in PDF OR Jpeg file format.

  • You can easily rename, save, rescan and delete any files or documents with this app.

  • Keep your favorites documents handy. You can mark frequently needed documents with a star and make them your favorites.

How FlashScan Is Different From Other Mobile Scanning Apps?

Below-mentioned features make FlashScan -a unique PDF document scanning app.

  • A user-friendly app with a simple scanning process.

  • Expert in edge-to-edge paper identification so that users can get best quality scans.

  • Digitize every sort of paper very quickly.Scanning becomes just a one tap solution.

  • Once you upgrade you can enjoy watermarks and Ad free scans.

Download FlashScan to redefine your scanning process. A unique PDF scanner that  turns your device in a portable scanning machine.



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