Of all the very special moments, marriage is the most precious and very blessed event for any individual as it opens new vistas in one’s life. Finding an appropriate match and making him or her as a life partner on the big day amidst kith and kin is really something special. A lifetime moment to be cherished and preserved forever. Indian wedding is always considered godly and auspicious and noted for its religious significance, culture, rituals, and tradition apart from its style, grandeur and magnificence. 

So each and every aspect of the wedding right from the start to the end requires proper attention with the utmost care and undoubtedly months ahead of preparation and planning is imminent. The first and foremost step to broach any wedding celebrations is the selection of wedding card. Of course, it would be a nerve-wracking moment in any marriage planning but one could sail smoothly if proper homework is done. So plan well before you take a plunge.

The five key elements to be weighed up before opting for a wedding card are:

The first crucial thing to be considered for any event. Pre determine the budget and then explore cards of your choice which fits your budget and make it noticeable by adding nitty-gritties and niceties of the event.

Design of the wedding card should go with the theme and style of the wedding. Be it traditional or modern or a combo of both, bulk of options are available so go for a design that is attractive, innovative and unique that perfectly matches your wedding style thus making the invite more elegant and chic.

Colours symbolize optimism, joy, energy and friendship. They are closely linked with human feelings and sentiments. Some of them are considered inauspicious. So right choice of colour is very vital. A vibrant colour can bring liveliness and brightness to a card. Again choice is yours. Single or two or more the palette is full. Pick out a perfect colour theme for your card to make it more special. A colourful life is always a bliss.

A simple precise lucid and comprehensive style is better. There is a number of quirky and unique ways to invite guest but make sure who are the guests whether friends or relatives and plan accordingly. Select the words that comes directly from the heart. The right use of words with some creativity can give exotic look to the invite.

Last but not the least, go for a vendor who has carved a distinct identity in the wedding card industry. Only well experienced and expertise can easily read between the lines and make us feel at home by catering to all our wedding requisites. The destination should offer a wide variety of exquisite and exceptional cards from simple yet exclusive or elaborate with modernity to traditional as well as trendy whatever but at affordable price. Impeccable quality, a plethora of innovative designs, countless range of colour combinations customized- tailor made services and timely completion are the parameters to be viewed before zeroed in on a designer. So search for a one stop wedding card destination that could conceptualize ideas and concretize them by making a wedding card one of its kind. Finally, keep in mind that a Wedding invite does a great deal more than informing people about the date and venue of the occasion. It is very pivotal as it gives first look about the entire ceremony. Indian communities give a lot of time in deciding a wedding card as it is not a just beginning of an auspicious occasion but also have a religious significance. Apart from reflecting the style and personality of the couple they believe it should evoke an emotional connect and positive vibes to them. It is a treasure to be preserved for rest of life. So drop in to a destination that satiates your wishes and makes your dream event in a memorable way. After all getting married is a life time event and so don’t compromise on any of its aspects.

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