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How To Take Care Of The Air Coolers When Not In Use

Although air coolers are an essential part of the Indian summer, the other seasons have little use or no use of it. During those spring and winter times, you have to pack the coolers of the room. However, while packing you barely think about using it for the next session as the beautiful breeze of spring makes you really happy. Unfortunately, this is the most common mistake almost every cooler owner does every year. When you will buy the Coolers Online, you should have received the maintenance instruction that will help you to pack your air cooler when not in use.

If you don’t have the instruction with you, then don’t worry. We have brought you here some excellent tips to maintain your air coolers online when not in use so that it will provide the best result even in the next summer.

Tips to maintain the air cooler when not in use:

Just like any other appliance, air cooler needs maintenance and when they are not in use, the requirement shoots higher. It does not only ensure better performance in the next season, enhances its efficiency as well. Check out the following tips here:

  • Clean the dust: If you have bought the Coolers Online, then you may receive a special brush to clean it properly otherwise you can use a dusting brush to clean it. Before starting the cleaning process, you have to make sure there is no drop of water in the cooler and the appliance is dried up completely. You have to clean every single particle of dust from the fan and walls of the cooler. After the dusting, take a fresh cloth and thoroughly clean it to make it sparkling.  
  • Dismantle Properly: If you have the instruction that you have received when you have bought the Coolers Online, then follow all the steps to dismantle it properly. You can also check online videos for the exact process. If you are not too comfortable with the process, you can also take an expert’s help for that. Make sure every part of the air cooler is with you as losing a single nut can cause havoc in the next session.
  • Wiring And Insulation: As the air cooler involves lots of water, you have to check the wiring and insulation before packing otherwise short circuit may happen. Make sure all that the power supply has been switched off. Along with that, you have to check for the loose wire in this cooler.
  • Check the Motor and Pump: The motor and pumps are the two most important things you need to start the air cooler and it is very important to check their condition before you pack them up for the season.
  • Store Properly: After the dismantling process, you have to store it when not in use. You have to keep in mind that every piece should be stored properly in order to avoid wear and tear. If you have the box you got while you bought Coolers Online then it will be the best place to store it.

For the air cooler story, the motor is the hero. When you keep it in good condition, it will return the good performance by cooling the room better. Before packing it, lubricate with oil. You have to cover the fan as well so that there will be no damages due to rust.

You need to take a waterproof cover so that the outer unit of the air cooler is protected as well. If you pack and store it in this way, you will get the service that is fully worthy with Cooler Online.



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