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How to write a TOP post on Instagram every time

Almost every article you read about Instagram marketing and how to have more likes, comments and tags on posts promotes generally the same principle of success: publish perfect and quality content.

But what exactly makes an Instagram post "good" or "high quality"?

The new Instagram algorithm gives preference to posts with many responses (likes, comments…) And when a post gets a lot of likes and comments, it signals the algorithm that the content is of high quality that other users may want to see. As Instagram strives to keep people online, it posts them posts that are interesting, and that interest is measured by response strength. Writing good image descriptions and inserting a powerful "call to action" is one of the best ways to inspire your followers to comment on your posts, which will bring even more responsive to your Instagram profile!

So, these are the key points of how to write a perfect Instagram post :

1. Awaken all 5 senses when you write:

•             Describe what your location looks like. And the light and color of the things you see in the picture.

•             Describe the sound. What do you hear?

•             Describe the weather and temperature. How was the evening?

•             Describe the scent. Is the scent fruity, woody, pungent, sweet or artificial?

•             Describe the taste. Is it sweet, or spicy? Is it too sweet, or too spicy? If you are selling a children's wardrobe, describe what material it is made of. Is it cotton and how gentle is that cotton. Like silk, like cloud…

2. Storytelling always helps:

•             What is it?

•             When did it happen?

•             Where is it?

•             Why are you showing this? Why did this happen?

•             Who is the main character in your story? Who is the enemy in this situation?

• How did you get there? How did that happen?

3. Solve your companion problems:

Discover a common problem in your business or industry and imagine how the problem can be solved.

Give them a solution.

Then create sentences that mention these 3 key points.

4. Use the right hashtags:

Hashtags are extremely important on Instagram and can be used on any post to increase the reach of the post. Choose 10-15 hashtags to include in your post. Do not use popular hashtags,  such as "#fashion" or "#sport" or "#love". Using the usual hashtags will cause your post to be swallowed up in a sea of other images, as popular hashtags are cluttered. Every time you think of which hashtag to add, ask yourself this question:

" Is this hashtag only for my mark audience or for other people on Instagram?"

If YES: Add a hashtag. If NO: do not add a hashtag.

5. The final recipe for the perfect Instagram post

•             So we told you everything. This is a recipe for your posts to have a much higher response than usual! 1 beautiful photo

•             2 grams of creativity

•             ½ grams of inspiration

•             1 kilogram of originality

•             A few words

And that's it!

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