Integration of Laravel with PhpStrom

Integration of Laravel with PhpStrom

What is PhpStorm?

PhpStrom is developed by JetBrains It is a full-featured web development IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the Php developers and Web developers. It Supports PHP 5.3 and above versions. Basically, PhpStorm is built on the IntelliJ IDEA platform written in Java. Although PhpStrom is not available free of cost facility but Still it becomes so popular day by day. All Features of Webstrom are included in PhpStrom. PhpStrom IDE provides facility of Code refactoring, Auto-Completion, Zero-Configuration debugging, on-the-fly error prevention, and an extended HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor.

PhpStrom has some of the most important tools and code assistance features that help in working with Databases and SQL in the projects. And It builds connectivity with the Database, run queries, Perfectly edit the table or Schemas and analyzing a Schema with UML digram. 

PhpStrom Works with most of the best Key Frameworks Like Laravel, CakePHP, Yii, Zend Framework and Symfony. PhpStrom Supports CSS, SASS, HTML, SCSS, LESS, CoffeeScript, ECMAScript, Jade templates etc.    

Key Features of PhpStorm:

  • Complete development environment

  • Support multiple PHP Framework

  • Great version control Integration

  • Database Support

  • Debugging and Testing

Laravel Development using PhpStorm:

There are a large amount of Php Developers create their Applications with the help of Laravel. It is an Open Php Framework. It is Developed on the best of several Symfony components and provides a Development Framework that helps to make equal works like Authentication, Routing, Session Management and caching easy to implement.  

Laravel used the Support for Blade as a template language. Laravel developers used Support for artisan as the Command line tool. PhpStrom Integrate with Laravel plugin and Laravel IDE helper So we can further expand the area of PhpStrom’s Support for Laravel Applications.       

The Laravel IDE Helper:

When we Assured about Composer is available for use in our project, after that We can install the Laravel IDE helper into our project with the use of composer Add dependency… Context menu. So its time to search for barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper and click Install to download the package and package and add it to our project.

After registering the ‘Barryvdh\LaravelldedeHelper\ideHelperServeceProvider’ our Application’s Service Provider and Running artisan ide-helper: generate, PhpStrom will have the support of Code Completion and Syntax highlighting for lots of Laravel’s Facades. 

 The Laravel Plugin for PhpStorm:

  • To Improve the Experience of Laravel, Additionally, we can also install the Laravel Plugins. In the Settings (Preferences) Plugins, first of all, you have to click on the Browse repositories… button and start Searching for Laravel. With the help of the Install Plugin button, you can download and install the plugins into our IDE. 

  • The next step is that Restart the IDE and permit the Plugin under Settings (Preferences) | Other Settings | Laravel Plugin| Enable Plugin For This Project. Suddenly PhpStrom will understand what all Laravel facades do, and Gives Code Completion for Controllers, Views, Routes, Configuration, Translations and lots of other things!

  • There is not just a Code Completion… That we can operate to these items along with! using Ctrl+Click (CMD+Click on Mac OS X) or Go to Declaration (Ctrl+B | CMD+B), Php Strom will provide us a Better way to access Configuration entry.

Furthermore, Another Laravel-related Component in (PhpStrom 2019.1) is a Predefined Code Style Setting of Laravel. You can construct it for your Project from the Preferences menu.


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