Ionic For Mobile App Development: Everything You Need To Know

Ionic For Mobile App Development: Everything You Need To Know

In the recent couple of years, I have heard about various development platforms, surely you would have also. Actually, mobile application development trends are rising every day and the arrival of various latest technologies is giving it a boost. Can you think about any such sector that is not utilizing a mobile app? 

The fact is mobile apps trend has become that ocean where there is no dearth of technologies and ideas to boom the waves of innovation. In this ocean, Ionic is another name that is boosting a new genre of application development. Whether you are an app developer or an aspiring business owner looking for app creation, you must have heard about the Ionic. 

This technology is the most latest development in the field of frameworks for application development. And! merely in the last couple of years, this framework has gathered huge traction. Therefore, in this post, we will dive deeper into the aspects of Ionic framework that makes it so popular. So read further... 

Ionic Framework For Mobile App Development 

 In the competitive market of application creation, Ionic is leading the heard of development frameworks. The robust design and easy to use infrastructure of this framework makes this platform first choice of a number of app designers and developers. The most incredible advantage of this technology is that it enables the creation of app for all major app stores along with mobile web, from a single codebase. It means you don't need to create different code for dissimilar platforms.  

In fact, it is rising all above the frameworks in the world, and growing very popular. The most outstanding aspect, that inspires me and developers to use this technology is the core blend. Yes! its core blend that includes a number of efficient and easy to learn technologies, AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The web-based core architecture, makes it fit for all kind of application development including web model.  

Altogether, these technologies allow the development of aesthetic, appealing and highly interactive app UX/UI design. Not just great UX, it also enables cross-platform application development. It means applications developed using this platform can deployed to several platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and more. Such applications referred as hybrid applications and include customization tools with several functionalities that garnish the user experience and makes it more appealing.

Actually, this framework is too potent and enables developers to leverage its functionalities to create most intuitive, interactive, useful and sophisticated apps. After knowing all this you would have several questions in your mind, and people often have when they seek app development through this platform. Therefore, I have decided to make you acquaint with this platform and give answers to some most asked questions. So, read here.. 

Is Ionic framework free? 

Yes! Ionic framework is completely free. This is an open-source platform. It means there is no need to buy this framework for application development, developers just need to download it from web and install it in their systems. 

Is Ionic framework good? 

This is the most often asked question by people from different background including developers and app owners. And! therefore a number of explanations have been presented by developers in this regard. Some determined its vast and stringent architecture the triggering factor, and some signified support from Google. 

No matter it is a big framework and backed by the technology giant Google, being best doesn't adhere to any sort of privileges. Though so many developers are utilizing these platforms and in fact, there is a huge bunch of highly affluent and smart engineers who are building and maintaining it. This signifies that this platform is a reliable source.    

How Ionic is associated with Angular?  

Who isn't aware of Angular's worth in the current development time frame. Basically, Ionic is based on AngularJS framework and extends several features of this future-focused platform. 

Incidentally, Angular is a super easy platform that extends javascript support and makes applications more interactive and intuitive. Altogether, developers who know the AngularJS can easily switch to Ionic, as there is no need to learn a different language. Additional, huge community support of Angular and JavaScript developer community is available to integrate various functions and concept in to the apps.  

What are the benefits of Ionic? 

It is the most crucial aspect for which everyone wonders. Here are the revolutionary benefits of this platform. 

  1. With easy-to-use components and customizable themes, it enables the creation of superb quality user interface. Additionally, the model structure of framework enables components to easily adapt to any platform.
  2. This offers unmatched performance as compared to other hybrid applications, as Ionic can work with native mobile app code in PhoneGap. Moreover, Ionic utilizes CSS transitions to leverage GPU and improves performance, maximize processor time. 
  3. Offers cross-platform app development, and supports several platforms including Android 4+, iOS 7 and universal windows platforms. 
  4. One who wants to develop apps using ionic need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With the knowledge of these, one can easily adopt Ionic and get into app development. 

Why once should pick Ionic for app development? 

For creating native functionalities in mobile application, this platform is a great alternative. Especially, when it comes about creating an app to run on different operating systems. Simplicity that enables the creation of app only once for all types of devices. Altogether, the nature of this framework is so rich and makes app development cost-efficient and fast and eliminates the requirement of maintenance. In short, if you are seeking development for both iOS and Android app, considering Ionic can be the best deal. 

Ionic makes app development simple, less time consuming, and cost-effective.  Therefore, a number of businesses are picking this framework for app creation. Altogether. mobile app development company like Techugo are also supporting it by suggesting and making people aware of this new trend. To know more about this, Stay Tuned with us. 

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