Is IAS Difficult? - Yes It Is - However It Can Be Tamed

Is IAS Difficult? - Yes It Is - However It Can Be Tamed

The most typical concern asked by children whenever they decide to stand for IAS is "Is IAS tough?"

Well, the response is, yes! It is among the most challenging competitive exams. And there is not just a single factor that makes it difficult however several aspects contribute to make it a tough nut to crack. Here are a few elements because of which IAS is tagged as a challenging exam.

Exam Curriculum

If you go through the curriculum of UPSC exams, you'll recognize that it consists of varied subjects, and the list of subjects is non-exhaustive. For clearing UPSC, one does not need to be a professional in a few subjects but ought to be a master of all cards. The diversity of topics adds to the preparation time, which again adds to the problem of candidates as all of them can't invest substantial time in preparing for IAS.

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Exam Pattern

Apart from the curriculum, the pattern of IAS exams is also really long and makes the task tedious for aspirants to clear all of them. Not one or two however UPSC consists of 3 stages - Prelims, Mains and lastly the interview. The candidate requires to crack all of them to clear UPSC. Prelims and Mains majorly examine the understanding of the prospect, whereas the last phase of the interview is mainly to evaluate the character of the candidate. The problem level of the exam multiplies with each passing stage. So the prospects require to be an all-rounder to clear UPSC exam.

The passing portion

Out of all the applicants, only a handful clear all the 3 stages of UPSC exams. If you go by data, out of all the prospects, just 2 to 5 % clear the UPSC initial exam and receive the Mains. In Mains exam also, only the leading 15% of candidates are chosen for the final interview. And if one reaches the interview stage then they have a 50-50 opportunity of getting chosen. And since of such a low passing portion, UPSC ends up being the hardest exams to crack.

Should you attempt?

Now that you have understood how challenging is UPSC, there is quite a possibility that you may be considering quitting your IAS dreams. Although the exam is tough and the passing portion is as low as 1%, it does not imply that one can't crack the IAS exam. If accurate preparation and techniques are designated at the correct time, then this journey can become easy. Here are a couple of suggestions to follow to crack this difficult nut.

Know all about UPSC

Prior to leaping onto the books and studying, the aspirant needs to relax and examine what UPSC is all about. This is the first tip because if you are not aware on what basis you'll be evaluated, you can't get ready for it. So invest a sufficient quantity of time in knowing about UPSC, its exam pattern, syllabus and so on. This would assist you to concentrate on the bullseye while getting ready for the exam.

Purchase books

Books should be your friend for the next year (ideally for IAS). The prospect should establish his interest in reading and keeping the details if they wish to clear IAS. So, invest in some good books to begin your preparation. Go through the success stories of previous toppers and make a list of books

recommended by them. Apart from these books, NCERT books would also be helpful to brush up the basics prior to turning to the complex problems. Likewise, the candidates need to make a routine of checking out monetary and service newspaper and publications to side-by-side prepare for current affairs that in itself is a huge subject.

Online study product

Apart from books, trainees have adequate research study products available online that they can access and that too complimentary of cost. This is most appropriate for working specialists who don't have time to attend proper coaching for IAS preparation. Such candidates can likewise opt for online courses after which they can access their research study material, educational videos and mock tests 24 × 7. Apart from this, YouTube videos can likewise be helpful for such candidates as lots of YouTuber post videos concerning methods to stand for IAS exam.

Even if you are attending correct coaching for the exam, it is encouraged to go through the study product, and practice concerns offered totally free of expense online.

Appear for regular mock test

This will be highlighted time and once again and as a severe aspirant, you need to not make the error of missing out on mock and practice tests. If you believe that by only studying and discovering, you'll be clearing IAS exam then you are highly incorrect. In fact, you need to set a target of a minimum of appearing for 100 mocks before sitting for the primary exam. This would not just highlight your strengths and weak points but likewise provide you the confidence needed for the D-day.

You can prevent mocks in the initial few months of preparation, and simply choose practicing issues. But once you cover 75% of the curriculum, you should start offering buffoons once or twice in a week. Likewise, just standing for mocks won't help you but you require to analyze it. You must learn from your errors and make an attempt to rectify and overcome them before you stand for the next mock.

Choose proper guidance

Once you decide to stand for IAS exam, you'll begin getting loads of guidance both offline and online. As a candidate, you should not get impacted by anybody and ought to filter before taking any assistance.

Likewise, if you wish to sign up with any coaching institute for preparation, determine the credibility of the institute before investing your money and time there. The reason behind this is that there are numerous bogus institutes in the market who charge thousands of rupees from the candidates. So pay due heed to the evaluations and then select the institute.

So, if you follow the above tips, your chances to clear UPSC increases. Also, ensure that you concentrate on the exam with a trouble-free method as stress can screw your preparation and preparation. So prepare and appear for the exam with full confidence.

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