ISIS is not real Muslims and they giving bad picture about Islam

ISIS is not real Muslims and they giving bad picture about Islam

In the wave of terrorism no country seems completely protected as we have experienced in the last decade the European countries, the American region, the Arab region and most importantly, the Asian region has been remained under the strong impact of terrorism and in the terrorist activities hundreds of thousands innocent humans have lost their lives and still the reason of these attacks have not been found. Some analysts associated these terrorist activities with religious conflicts, some associated it with past conflict, some said it is reaction of the military actions but still there are complicacies about these terrorist activities. However, there are many similarities in between the terrorists’ activities happening around the world which reflects that it is a planned game to threaten the people of the world.

In this aspect, the most prominent name which was prominently using in the past was associated with Al-Qaida group and Osama bin Laden who was an American national and pretend as a Muslim was consider the master mind of all the terrorist activities including the 9/11 incident. However, in the recent time, the world has been trembled with the in-humanistic terrorist activities of a new group name as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

Thesis Statement

Considering the rapidly increasing impact of terrorist on the world, for the following writing attempt I have decided to discuss some facts about the terrorist group ISIS which have been actively spreading in most parts of Arab and they have persecuted hundreds of thousands people in their terrorists activities. The ISIS activities are considered as the cruelest action by any human as they have been killing people for no reason. This group of terrorist pretends them as Muslims, considering this claim of ISIS, I propose to make arguments, that they are not real Muslims but they are giving bad picture about Islam. To support my arguments I will provide a review of the ISIS brutal activities and then I will evaluate and analyze these activities by the teachings of ISLAM.

Introduction about ISIS

In the preset days, ISIS is the most frustrating group of terrorist who has shaken the entire world with their coward and cruel terrorist activities. The have strengthen their position especially in most parts of Iraq and Syria, the march in to the crowded areas from village to village and cities to cities, they captive innocent people and persecute them for no reason. In the year of 2014, the have conquered a large territory of Islamic states Iraq and Syria. According to the Perring news, the most recent terrorist activity of ISIS was recorded on 12th April when the so called Islamic militants have blown up the ‘Nimrud’ an ancient Iraqi city(PERRING, 2015). This city is known as the great archeological treasure which has been ruined by the ISIS extremist.



Origin of ISIS

According to the Express a UK based NEWS agency, the ISIS origin is associated with Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi who was the founder of Al-Qaida in Iraq in the year of 2004 and he was famous for his brutal persecution of innocent which is same in the ISIS activists(Express UK, 2015). It is said that Zarqawi was killed when US militant Air strike on Iraq in 2006.

According to another source ‘Tony Blair Faith Foundation’ stated that the roots of ISIS are connected with Abu Musab Al Zarqawi since 2002, and developed in the efforts of Zarqawi to build up his Jihadist force which was known as ‘Tawhid-al-Jihad’(Wellby, 2015). The ISIS was flourished after the 2003 when Iraq was invaded by US militants. The Zarqawi’s Jihadist group received advantages being a globalized Jihadi organization. ISIS has been focusing on the same mission as per their statement that they want to impose their beliefs even through stoking sectarian violence. However, Al-Qaeda and Zarqawi’s Organization separated because of the conflict as Al-Qaeda opposed the indiscriminate and brutal violence. This IS organization converted into the ISI i.e. Islamic state of Iraq when in 2008 and the name reflected the mission of the new group separated from the Al-Qaeda. It is so called states that the group was based on the ISLAMIC laws and doing Jihad against the enemies of ISLAM.

At this point I want to make an argument, that most of the activities, even all of the terrorist activities of ISIS took place in the Muslim countries in which they have brutally persecuted thousands of innocent Muslims. They said that there are following the Laws of ISLAM, whereas according to the teaching of Islam Jihad is not about the holy war but it is the name of struggle, efforts and striving action to resist the evil inclinations. Then the Islamic law following by the ISIS i.e. kills those who are not adopting your beliefs, If such things exists, then the religion Islam never spread as it is now present in almost every part of the World. At the time of Prophet, there were countless non-Muslims and those who accepted Islam, because of the behavior and teaching of the Prophet Mohammad but not because of the war and fight.

Prolonging this debate, we can find that ISIS killed all, the children, the old ones, the women and they kill everyone. In this response we can see the brutal killing of Innocent people in the recent incident of Peshawar Military School Massacre in an Islamic country Pakistan, in which they have killed more than hundreds of innocent children, by shooting them on their heads, they cut their throats, and it was not over even after their death, but they cut their body parts viciously, the act can only be expected by the beasts. Muslims Prophet Mohammad talked told Muslims about the ethics of war and I am going to quote these words from an academic source (ABID New York , 2011) according to the teaching of Islam about the ethics of War, He ordered his fighters “The warriors in the holy war are urged not to harm non-combatants, women and children, “unless they attack you first”.In the explanation of these words of Mohammad means that When you go the battle field, do not attack first, until the opponents will not attack on you, when you start fighting, then do not kill the old age people, the women, the children, and even crops and trees with fruits.

In contrast of the aforementioned teaching of Islam we have experience that ISIS has killed numerous innocent civilians including, children, women and ole age people. They have no mercy for none. Furthermore, the modern tactics of Suicide bombing which have been experience in most of Muslim countries including, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan etc. and it is associated with the teachings of Islam but when we analyze this tactics adopted by the modern terrorist, we find that there is no evidence form the history of Islam about such incidents and there is no justification in Islamic theology, Islamic tradition and even in any Islamic teaching. According to the teaching of Islam, it is said that “Muslims are brothers of Muslims”(Tibi, 1996)but when we look at the warships of ISIS they have killed more Muslims than any other religion. In this connection I would like to Quote the reference from the hadith book of Muslims named SahiBukhari and form another book named Sahi Muslim, In both books it is mentioned that “If one fights his brother (he must) avoid striking the face for God created him in the image of Adam.”(Tibi, 1996)

In this connection we can see that in last month of March of 2015, ISIS has killed 126 Muslims by suicide bombing on the Mosques in Sana. Yemen is a Muslim state; if they are also Muslim let us know which Islamic teaching let them to kill the Muslims? (Tomo News, 2015)In the light of these words, we can ISIS activists are not Muslims because they do not follow Islam then on the other hand if they are Muslims, then why they attacked on the Mosques where Muslim go for Worship, Why they attacked on Churches even though in this connection the Islamic greatest scholar said from the spirit of Islam “Do not kill the monks in monasteries, and do not kill those sitting in places of worship.”(Tibi, 1996)My question is that, if they are Muslims then why they are destroying the worshipping places of Muslims and other because in Islam it is not allowed to even harm non-Muslims who live peacefully?

ISIS has ruined countless villages and residential places of Muslims and they have captured people from there, take with them and then persecute them brutally, they beheaded them, they shot on their head, they played football with their heads (Nick Thompson & (CNN), 2015). The most bad impact of the ISIS activities is that it has been associated with the Islam and Muslims and in recent few years, because of the activities of ISIS, Muslims have to suffered a lot throughout the world, even they also have been suffering from the ISIS terrorists activities at their own homes(Testas, 2004). But the most concerning things is that especially the European world and in the American culture where Muslims are living in large, have been targeting by the racist activities as they called the terrorist.

In this stance, there is a question from those, said that Muslims are the terrorists, when the Jihad conditions are clearly defined in the teaching of Islam through the Holy book Quran and from the teaching of Prophet Mohammad and for the Muslims it is essential to follow the spirit of Islamic teaching and not merely following the letter of Islamic teaching is a proof to be a Muslim. Therefore, those people who are not following the teaching of Islam, as when they were captures, they said that they do not know anything about the Islam then how we can say that they are Muslims. On the other hand, it strictly prohibit in Islam to kill any human without any reason, then why the ISIS are killing the innocent children, what they have done to them, In this connection it is clearly visible that they are not following the teaching of Islam but they are using the name of Islam and this nothing but it seems a propaganda against the Muslims and Islam.

One another important question rise, here, why the ISIS and Al-Qaeda the so called Muslim terrorist became active from the areas where US military, succeed. In this connection we can see in the response of 9/11 incident, America attacked on Afghanistan and Pakistan was the country who helped America in the war against Terrorism. The noticeable thing is that, meanwhile the American army remained there in Afghanistan; almost no strong restriction was shown by the Al-Qaeda but as America reduced its Army from Afghanistan, the Al-Qaeda became active and Pakistan has been still paying to provide support to the America in war against terrorist.

Secondly, we can experience that the strongest command of ISIS is in Iraq, but at the same time, same situation can be seen in Iraq as the America attacked on Iraq, they killed the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussain and after sometime of the persecution of Saddam Hussain, ISIS raised prominently from the same area where US military achieved success. These are the silent question and they appeals brainstorming to understand the role of US government and US military against the war of terrorism and still I am not understand the fact, why the terrorism started from the places where US military claimed to received success in war against terrorism which is quite controversial. In this connection if we study the book written by Richard gage who talk about the Truth of 9/11 incident and stated that there controversies about the 9/11 incident(Scheuerman, 2005). I am referencing this link, because WTC was the incident which was used by the America to enter in Afghanistan and then the Terrorist spread all over the world.

Furthermore, if we look at the current activities of ISIS, we can find that it has been rapidly growing in Islamic area, According to the Article, Khasraw explained that ISIS has conquered the oil wells in Iraq and Syria and from these well they have been strengthening their network and increasing their activities throughout the world(Khasraw., 2014). The most recent activities of ISIS can be seen in another Muslim country Yemen where they have been killed a number of innocent civilians.


In the evaluation of the aforementioned analyses about the Terrorist Activities of ISIS it is precisely right to say that ISIS are the so called Islamic Militant but they have no link with Islam and with the teaching of Islam. They have taken and have been taking countless innocent lives, and their way of killing and persecuting inanocent women, children, and non-combat has no justifications, not merely in the religion Islam but there is no religion gives this sort of teaching. Moreover, ac


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the role of peace supporters is also controversial here but it is justifiable by the teaching of Islam and by the suffering of Muslims, that ISIS cannot be associated with Islam is any way. However, there is need to tackle these inhuman terrorist through mutual operations without any religious discrimination because if they will not be stopped, then then one day they will become an unavoidable danger for the entire world.  

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