Key Points which differentiate laravel and Codeigniter frameworks

Key Points which differentiate laravel and Codeigniter frameworks

# Laravel Development

What is Laravel :

The basic definition of laravel is that it is an open-source PHP framework. this platform intends to use of MVC architectural pattern for the development of web application. Laravel can authorized under the MIT license. GitHub provides the facility to host its source code. It is the most trustable PHP framework because it prefers the expressive and accurate language rules.

 # Codeigniter Development :

What is CodeIgniter :

Codeigniter is one of the best PHP framework. It is created for those developers who want to create full-featured web applications with the use of simple and classic toolkit. Codelgniter provides the complete facility for the users that's the way they are free on the dependency of MVC development pattern and for the implementation of complicated functionalities third-party plugins are also useful It also offers awesome security and encryption procedures.

Here, let us make a brief analysis and know the differences between Laravel and CodeIgniter.

1.Object-relational mapping:

Object-relational mapping does not supported by Codelgniter while Laravel provides the opportunity to use ORM. With the help of Active record implementation, the user can implement several databases more efficiently,  it also allows the developers to directly interact with the databases through the model of individual database table.

2. using Modular Extension: 

Codelgniter gives the necessary task to the developer to build and maintain modules through Module Extension, while Laravel specially designed for built-in The features of Modularity which will help the users to distribute a big project into small Modules.we can easily use these Modules under the multiple projects.

3.Agnostic migrations : 

Under the Codeigniter, we have to put lots of effort to simplify database schema migration because Codeigniter fails to provide any specific features to simplify it. While Laravel provides the database agnostic migrations feature. these features help Developers solve the problem of database schemas without writing complex code.  With the help of the Laravel Framework’s Schema builder feature, the developer can modify database schemas of the application by combining the database agnostic migration with the schema builder.

4. Template engine :

The feature of built-in Template Engines does not provide by the Codeigniter. to boost the performance of web application the developer requires to integrate the framework with the help of robust Template Engine. Laravel has the feature of robust template engine Blade. the Template Engine help’s the PHP developers to boost the performance of sites through enhancing and diversifying various views.

 5. REST APIs :

Under the Codelgniter framework, the developer needs to write more code to build custom REST APIs because Codeigniter is not able to provide features to simplify the development of REST APIs while developing web applications while Laravel  RESTful controllers make easy for the developer to create REST APIs with minimum time and efforts. It can be simply $restful property as true in the RESTful Controller to implement RestFul API without writing any extra code in the projects. 

6.HTTPS Support :

Codeigniter fails to support the HTTPS route accurately for the protection of Data transmission through Developing pats The developers have to maintain URL helpers. While Laravel provides the facility to create custom HTTPs routes. And Developers can choose to create a specific URL for every HTTPs route. under the Laravel framework, the data transmission is secure and safe through adding https:// protocol this process is done before the URL automatically.

Conclusion – Laravel vs Codeigniter :

As for the conclusion of this topic, we show both frameworks of Laravel and Codeigniter and we found that Codeigniter has less features compared to Laravel so we can acquire Laravel in our web applications development While in other case of our applications requires to face interactions with various database we will acquire Codeigniter. While in case our applications need to supports interactions with varieties of a database we go with CodeIgniter.

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