Klarstein Beersafe 4XL: The Best Big Minibar Fridge (Analysis 2019)

Klarstein Beersafe 4XL: The Best Big Minibar Fridge (Analysis 2019)

Features and Technical Specifications of the Fridge or Frigo Minibar Klarstein Beersafe 4XL

These incredible features make the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL mini fridge stand out from the rest.
•    Volume: 124 Liters (132 cans).
•    Stainless steel front
•    Energy class A +.
•    Low noise generation
•    Double insulated glass door.
•    Independent with a changeable hinge.
•    Stainless steel handle
•    4 chromed metal shelves.
•    Touch temperature control
•    Temperature range: 0 ° C - 10 ° C (32 - 50 ° F).
•    Internal white LED light.
•    Refrigeration type R600a.
•    Adjustable legs
•    Recessed or built-in furniture.
•    Door opening to the right.
•    Shipping in 2 to 3 days.
With the shipment you will receive:

•    Klarstein Beersafe 4XL mini-fridge.

Technical specifications: 

•    Power supply: 220 - 240 V (50/60 Hz).
•    Measures: 48 x 85 x 60 cm.
•    Interior measurements: 41 x 74.5 x 46 cm.
•    Weight: 32 kg
•    Cable length: 1.75m approx.
 Advantages of the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL Mini Portable Mini Refrigerator

The Klarstein never is a fridge that, in addition to providing us with fresh drinks at any time, the Klarstein Beersafe 4xl silent mini-freezer price in Bangladesh, offers many advantages:
Your ordered drinks: the 4 chromed metal shelves provide enough space to store and classify your alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. If we want to store larger volume bottles we can remove the removable grilles.
Large capacity: You will not have to refill the camera of your small portable fridge Klarstein Beersafe 4XL regularly, you will save time and it will seem that the refreshing drinks are not running out.
LED lighting: it is optional. The Klarstein Beersafe 4XL portable electric refrigerator allows us to see the refrigeration chamber at all times, with an elegant decoration that animates the view.
Regulate the temperature: prepare your drinks at the perfect temperature level. From 0 to 10 ° C, for very cold or cooler drinks.
Ideal for:
•    Bars and stores: the design of the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL mini-bar is in high demand in these businesses, due to the consequent increase in sales due to cold drinks.
•    Hotels and cruises: it is essential to have a minibar refrigerator is the rooms of the guests, in fact, for hotels of 4 or more stars is mandatory by law.
•    Personal use: a large capacity refrigerator such as the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL minibar is ideal for having our drinks always cold for social gatherings, our office or for our home.
Very intuitive touch panel: although we have Klarstein manuals, we will not need them, we will save time since the refrigerator regulation system is very easy to understand.
Opinions on the Klarstein 4XL Portable Beverage, Beach or Bar Refrigerator (2019)

The opinions of the clients in Transcom digital, highlight the quality of the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL portable electric refrigerator, its product more than satisfies its customers.
In our opinion as professionals in the sector , we highlight 3 capacities and issues of the Klarstein Beersafe 4XL mini electric refrigerator:
1.- It is aesthetic, which is exceptional compared to the rest of the market
2.- It is ideal for bars, hotels and houses since it meets the necessary capacities for all three areas, both energy, volume and refrigeration.
3.- Of course, it cools with luxury, but it should be noted that, on specific occasions, if we turn off the appliance, we must look at the water when the ice is defrosted since it tends to accumulate in the inner bottom tray.
Undoubtedly, opinions about Klarstein guarantee you a quality purchase that will not disappoint you the mini refrigerator price in Bangladesh.
These offers in the small refrigerator Klarstein Beersafe 4XL on offer available for a limited time, take advantage of it before the end of the discount!


I am Masum Hossain. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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